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The Dream of The Social-Commentary Magazine

Simon Sinek defines entrepreneurs as not just starting a business, but “those looking for a better way to do something.  They look for ways to solve problems with a just cause that is bigger than themselves, and an undying belief in it.”   It’s what makes us share our vision, even when it seems far-fetched. It’s the path of ‘forge not follow” that creates the leaders in us we wish we had.  We are required to share our vulnerability by sharing it with the world because, as Brene Brown says, “Vulnerability is showing up and being seen when there are no guarantees.”

So how do we lead? “We create a vision of the world that does not exist yet and the ability to communicate that vision clearly.”  Thank you Simon Sinek, it is indeed my goal.  I want to help with his vision “To create a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every day inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work they do.”

My concept is a balance of my beliefs and has created for me a vision of a business I would love to build and model.  The best part is, when I share my dream, the business itself does not have to succeed for the vision to succeed because it’s a vision that goes beyond my own business, and here’s why:

If I present the model, and give clarity to the vision, and other entrepreneurs or business owners can read it and laugh about my naivety but take one piece and create it, there will be living pieces of it for others.  That is the true purpose and intention of it.  It has the potential to give a bigger life to the creativity of it beyond my own.  I offer the pieces freely so pick my brain and create it bigger with your own.  It’s how we are all in this together.   So laugh if you will, but listen with an open heart.

My mission with The Social-Commentary Magazine – I’m not looking to build an empire.  I’m looking to build a community where everyone’s value shines. The Mantra of the company will be “Your Life Matters” and it will walk the talk with each part of it.

  • It will be a business with its own glass ceiling, not for the employees but for the business profits themselves.  The more it grows, the more it serves the employees.  It will not become an endless financial giant because it will always go back in.  There will be no top wealth.  Yes, you can laugh and anyone whose sole goal is to get rich will not apply, that’s okay.  Instead, every employee and their dreams will matter.  How, you ask?  The question “What can we do for your life?” will be a focus, but it won’t be simply financial.
  • The job has to feed their soul.  Their resume will tell you what their skills are but not their dreams.  It won’t tell you what their struggles are either.  If you are a CEO making billions and your workers need food assistance, then they are not failing you, but you are failing them.  The interview itself will include who they are as a person, not just business.  They are dedicating a big portion of their life working for your dream, what about theirs?  Asking what they are is important because you have already shown them yours.  So the interview will include what would you like us to do for you?
  • Periodic Reviews will not be one-sided.  The employee deserves to share what they feel works and what they feel needs improvement and any ideas they have to make things even better.  Their voice matters and it needs to be heard.  Group meetings to bat ideas and suggestions around as well as issues should be regular and informal.  We are all in this together.  This is one way to prove it.
  • There will be guides, not supervisors.  Micromanaging isn’t needed for people who believe in the company and love their job.  It’s an insult to those who have pride in their work and can actually reduce their sense of it.  Guides will help when you need them, not to boss you around.  Your position is just as important as theirs.  It’s a community, not a pyramid.
  • Flexible work hours will be taken to a whole new level.  You will be encouraged to see mental health reset time when you need it.  How many times have we heard “if you get too frustrated, get up and take a break?  Your stress levels matter for your overall health.  So….It will be 4-day work-week hours (and I don’t mean 40-hours), with 5-day options for flexibility so that you can use the reset time.
  • I want to create “Reset Rooms” at work from art rooms of canvas and paints, to pottery wheels, exercise rooms, library, media rooms for webinar classes, zen and yoga rooms with plants and music, and zero gravity chairs. With the flexible hours, they can be used when they are needed rather than when they can make the time.  The more successful the business, the more options can be put in.
  • Daycare of course, and a family-based restaurant so families can take the time to eat together.  Work schedules leave family time as an unattainable option sometimes.  That adds stress. Family rooms for them to share time together when the opportunity arises for them, such as when the child has a half-day of school.
  • Family store to help with the constant need to stop on the way home for milk, or toilet papers, diapers, etc.  Go in and buy what you need before you leave work, eliminating another stressor. Another section of the store can be for employees to sell items they made in the art or reset rooms. It would help with feeling valued as well.
  • Scholarships for courses to both online school and webinar courses for alternative learning such as Reiki (energy healing), yoga, life coaching or public speaking to list a few.  There is much more to life than work and many people don’t have the time to explore them or the money to invest in it.  Do you have an interest in one?  Put in a request with the details.  Many have free webinars as an introductory to it to see if it’s something you would want.  MindValley is one such place for some of these amazing courses.
  • If many of the employees are local, perhaps a service vehicle for transportation to and from work.  Many families only have one car and this would eliminate more of the family stress.  It would also help those who find themselves in the situation of “the car is in the shop in need of repairs”.  Sometimes it is a reason people lose their jobs.
  • My favorite benefit would be “Dream Day”.  Once a quarter or so, there would be a day of guest speakers (like, dare I dream Simon Sinek or Brene Brown?) and food, and something similar to “Job Fairs” but it would be dream fairs.  The employee would have the opportunity to register to pitch their dream to selected guests that have connections in those areas. An artist, a writer, a public speaker, etc.  The employees would get the chance to “Go For It” and make their dreams come true.  If they need a mentor, one will be introduced from that field.  It could mean losing an employee to a dream, but isn’t that the ultimate way to lose them?  It would be like a landlord losing the tenant because they bought their own home.

We all have a dream of some kind.  Something that enriches our lives beyond money.  Can you imagine the positive energy this kind of workplace could create?  Simon Sinek, I know your dream takes us all.  I want to put in my take, my vision of how I can help.  I want to plant the seeds of possibilities.

We can’t have the goal of being so big and successful we become filthy rich and still be a healthy society.  It needs to be about bettering things around us.

Who will you impact and how?  We need to plan the morality of the business before it becomes successful, because if we don’t, it will have the danger of controlling who we become.  Will the soul of your company take over yours, or will it simply be a reflection of what yours is?  I once worked for a place that had the motto “A happy worker is a productive worker” and we were, until it was sold to a corporation that changed it to “be grateful you work for a big company” and took away the things that made it good.

Capitalism is something that gives us freedom of how we earn and spend for ourselves.  The morality of it is on us.  We have to choose how it will be for the betterment of others. Although acquiring wealth for ourselves is possible, we have never truly earned it alone.  Don’t allow your business to get so big it takes on a life of its own where others don’t matter.  If we truly are all in this together, then everyone has to count.  There are no small roles.

Without others with skills, talents, and gifts, it will stay merely a dream.  I know nothing about the business side other than the worker or customer view.  I am technologically challenged.  Therefore, how could I possibly see it as merely my business?  We need each other.  Now that you’ve read this (thank you), what can you do with a piece of it?  Perhaps we could turn this era into the Great Awakening and learn to value each other better than we have.


Melody Belliveau
Melody Belliveau
Content Writer/Creator of The Social-Commentary.Com whose passion and purpose is writing thought-provoking articles that can create discussion and changes in our society. I am a soul writer who challenges your views with another perspective because seeing more of the picture can help you know where your soul stands. When we see the truth, most people do the right thing.

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  1. Melody,
    Congratulations and BRAVO for putting your vision on paper. You are not a dreamer – YOU are a VISIONARY.
    I so admire the courage to put it all on the table – and allow seeds to be planted.
    May these new seeds be watered daily in this community and beyond. #welcomehome