The Value of Being a Good Person

So often we hear people described in superlatives….great, awesome, amazing.  And I tend to take those descriptions with a wee bit of skepticism.  But when I hear someone described as a good person, I take notice.

I have recently had a lesson in the value of being a good person.  A friend, an exceptional musician, found himself without gigs and therefore without income while fighting a debilitating disease.  After six months of COVID, silent venues, and evaporating savings, he reluctantly reached out to friends with a gofundme.com request for help to continue the expensive treatment so that he wouldn’t slip further into the disease.

He raised his needed goal in one week, which I think is pretty dang incredible.

Sure, a musician with a strong following has the reputation and connection to solicit a response, but that’s not what I thought was so incredible.

What I found incredible was the way friends described him as they shared his situation with their own Facebook networks.  They called him a “good person.”  Yes, they talked about his exceptional musicianship and I’m sure that influenced donors.   But the sincerity with which these people described our friend was heartfelt and deep.

I have seen the quiet goodness myself. He has helped me through a mental block by simply listening and sharing his own perspective of the world.  It was generously offered, and I appreciate it. Based on the comments from his friends, I’m not alone.

It’s easy to donate these days

Technology like gofundme has enabled those in need to reach out to a wider audience than they otherwise could have imagined.

I do think twice before forwarding a request for monetary help from someone I don’t really know.  It is important to me that those I ask to help trust that I would only send a request if it was trustworthy.   And, call me a skeptic (oh, I already said that) but I want to make sure that what I donate is really going to solve the stated issue.

This is how humanity should work

In our busy, self-focused world, this is humanity at its best.  People asking for help for good people.  Not superlative people trying to generate popularity. Not people trying to get something for nothing.  Good people supporting good people in need.

If I ever had a doubt about the value of being a good person, I no longer have that doubt. With all that is going on today, it is easy to lose sight of good people.  I love the lesson of being a good person.  I want to be just that.

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Carol Anderson
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