The Vaccine Wars Show We Haven’t Learned

While nations that had access to Covid-19 vaccines rushed to inoculate their citizens, others watched helplessly as the virus wreaked havoc in their countries. In the meantime, as I said would happen (check my posts on the topic dating all the way back to the beginning of the outburst), new strains have developed and countries that thought they had already seen the worst are reemploying, or considering reemploying lockdowns and other restrictions on gatherings.

Even while countries could provide vaccines to other countries, they did not. Worse yet, some governments could provide their people with vaccines but chose not to do so for political reasons. These vaccine wars show we haven’t learned a thing and, as a result, we will have to learn another lesson, and probably a more painful one.

As I have written countless times since the beginning of the pandemic, the virus will not let up until we change our relationships.

Our ill-will toward each other is its energy source. This is what keeps it going, mutating as it travels from country to country and becoming increasingly contagious, so that vaccines that provided herd immunity before no longer do so.

But instead of learning, we are behaving like children who were sent to their rooms (lockdowns) as punishment, to think about what we did wrong. Yet, instead of drawing the required conclusions and admitting that we misbehaved toward each other, we are waiting for the removal of the punishment so we can go out again, play, and fight with one another as before. We will not be allowed to do that anymore. We will be forced to rethink our lives, our values, our relationships, and the purpose of our lives as a whole.

Perhaps the best example of the foolishness of our behavior is the way we are handling the vaccination efforts. First, instead of launching a global coordinated effort to develop a vaccine, numerous companies in numerous countries launched independent researches and competed against each other. Clearly, the vaccine could have been developed for a fraction of the cost and could therefore cost a fraction of what it does. This would make it available worldwide and financing a worldwide vaccination program would not be an issue.

Second, now that some countries have vaccines, they either keep it to themselves or sell it at a huge profit. It turns out that while all of humanity is fighting the same enemy, it is fighting it with armies that are fighting against each other while fighting the common foe. This gives the virus time to generate new strains that defy existing weapons and renders humanity’s efforts to fight it ineffective. In short, we are not losing the war against the Covid virus because it is so lethal or infectious; we are losing it because we are so divided.

This division will cost us heavily with more loss of life, more economic crises, and more disruption to our lives. The sooner we learn that Covid is not my problem, your problem, or their problem, but our problem, the problem of all of us, the sooner we will find a way to end the pandemic. And once we learn how to cooperate against Covid, we will, hopefully, learn that this is how we should operate from here on concerning all our matters, since today, in the global village, every problem is everyone’s problem.


Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman
Dr. Michael Laitman is a global thinker, a prolific author who has published over 40 books on a variety of topics including world affairs, economics, education, anti-Semitism, and Kabbalah. Laitman’s books have been published in more than thirty languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Farsi, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic. Laitman is also a sought after speaker and columnist. To date, he has written for, or been interviewed by The New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, Huffington Post, Corriere della Sera, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, The Globe, RAI TV, and Bloomberg Television, among others. Dr. Laitman has thousands of students from around the world whom he teaches on his daily lessons. These lessons are offered with simultaneous interpretation in more than thirty languages, the main ones of which are English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, French, Turkish, German, and Chinese. In addition to the live lessons, Laitman has millions of students in over 100 countries around the world, who watch Laitman’s lessons at their own convenience or study through Laitman’s affiliate platforms such as KabU and MAC Online. Laitman has a PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and an MS in Medical Bio-Cybernetics from the Saint Petersburg State University. His latest book is available on Amazon: The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism.

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  1. Thank you for writing about the topic, Dr. Michael Laitman – you have valuable views that I wish were shared by many more in this world. When the pandemic started, I felt like we stepped into a movie, and I expected it to play out as most scripts do when crisis occurs, the borders close and each one looks after themself. Yet, there are organizations out there who are continuously trying to bring balance and support despite the impossible odds. I hope this spirit of accomplishing more by doing more for the common cause has a brighter future.