The Urgency to Live and the Trap of ‘Living Today’ Motivation

Living in the moment is a legend for many motivational speeches. It is also often used as a calming motivation. While it sounds excellent, this process can create problems. As with any other thing in our lives, people can look at things and understand them differently.

From a different angle, this phrase can mean:

  • Relax and do nothing
  • Relax. The universe will do its job
  • Que sera. Sera. Whatever will be, will be.
  • Eat, drink and be merry, for we die tomorrow.

I have seen too many times where people used this standard for living, as though it was a doorstop for happiness and success.

Why do we tend to interpret the meaning of things that are below our standards? Since we all want to be comfortable with our decisions and actions, taking responsibility for oneself is a vital step in becoming all we can be.

It is easy to say a thing is beyond our reach instead of raising our expectations so we can stretch beyond self-imposed limits. When I was an elementary student, I would place my book for a coming test under my pillow, thinking, no, praying I would somehow gain knowledge without any effort of my own.

Suffice it to say, similar to everything in life; it didn’t work. Because in this way you don’t have to do anything to improve your situation. Just relax, have a beer, and wait for things to happen.

This trap hits many – they sit and ‘wait’ for years and years while life passes.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many examples of the above behavior because it created stress. The trick of pushing ourselves out of that state, which frankly can be as daunting as lifting a tree trunk. Even when we realize the hole we have unwittingly dug for ourselves has ultimately become our grave.

That does not mean one should stop trying. Each of us has a different time for the success we want. Often we don’t know what success looks like for us or what that means. Success and happiness aren’t linear. The things we want in life come to us following a meandering line. This is what we teach people who want to be coached by us.

Another problem for coaches dealing with such clients is increasing burnout. This can be averted by understanding our reasons why. Our firm’s multidimensional approach assists with helping our clients boost productivity and delve deeper to make sense of what motivates them and why. The “why” is essential.

Need help in overcoming fear and creating a roadmap that works? Life is moving fast.


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