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MANY THINK THAT one of the most intriguing questions that you can possibly ask, is “Are we alone in the universe?” – I might be wrong of course, but in my view this question makes no sense, “cause the answer is certainly yes” I am convinced that we are NOT alone.

Firstly because time is a relativistic construct… simultaneity does not exist, what we see today, may be gone.. and what we’ll be able to see in the future may be at its outset… We should understand that whenever we look at the sky we make a journey through time: the light of the objects that we see today started light years ago. We can see distant objects 13 billion light years: the light has taken 13 billion years to reach us, anything could have happened in the meantime… It’s a journey through space and time.

Today we can see only small portions of the universe. We counted 10,000 galaxies so far. For what we can see now, which is an infinitesimal corner of the universe, a minute part of it, there’re 300 billion galaxies… And each of those galaxies contains a hundred billion starsthere could be 1,000 planets… our galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter…. quite small.

So, there’s really a very high chance of life… and my guess is that thinking that we were alone or are alone, or will be alone… is truly ridiculous, and it goes against every rule of good sense.

Secondly, in my opinion thinking that we are the kings of the universe would be completely arrogant and unreasonable. Because there’re countless numbers of objects in the universe, and every single thing in it, is destined to be reborn, and renewed… everything reconverts into another thing… like a phoenix rising from the ashes… it is not me who says that – it is thermodynamics.

Life is set to take root everywhere it can, and to flourish… and to increase.. in various forms, like energy. In this constantly evolving energy, even during the most catastrophic cosmic events, such as, for example, a collapsing star, there’s a sort of gut instinct… almost a positive power for continuity in the laws of the universe… that aims for “the” better. The laws of the universe do not fear the Transformation. They foster it. Everything re-builds itself up to be even more structured, and to get more energy. In short, to make progress and improve… The constant increase of entropy is always counterbalanced by the forces of expansion, reconstruction and improvement… until proven otherwise. Things move forward, not back. We humans are no exception to this fundamental process. That’s how it works, thank goodness, or we wouldn’t be here, and we would not have been able to travel from primordial ooze to complexity…

We human beings, one by one, each with his own singularity, and with our activities, are a part of the whole. The reason why we’re here is to move forward and continue to improve. This applies to every individual. When we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity, in accordance with the ethical imperative, which sets us apart from the apes…. we are only following the forces of expansion, reconstruction and improvement. Because the process of improvement is an inherent part of the nature of each of us, without which, I am sure, we would not be here today. When we do that, we are aligned with the forces of creation. We are in harmony with ourselves and the natural order of things.

Where does all this lead ?

It leads to the fact that there’s a sort of dichotomy between the laws of universe and the laws of success… the laws of human self-realisation.

It leads to the fact that the moment when… …you merge into the nature of things, when you feel part of it, when you dwell on the positive, when you put human element at the top of the agenda, when you really stop to look fear in the face, and rejoice together with the whole, You gain inner strength, courage, and confidence by every experience, you keep things in perspective, you are yourself, and YOU WIN. Whatever that means to you. Regardless of where you are or what you do.

Success, the real one, the deep one, not the fake one, not the bought one, not the ephemeral one, comes when you understand that the strongest instrument you have at your disposal is being in harmony with a positive worldview, with values, and with others, with a right mindset, in the depths of yourself. At that point… you’re capable of anything positive, to yourself and to others…. You can make it, and you’ll do great, ’cause that’s really the way the universe works… and we’re part of it.   …accelerated expansion… not regression…

We ARE… “cogito ergo sum” “I think, therefore I am” – I shake things up, therefore I am…. Metaphor shakes things up, giving us everything… from Shakespeare to scientific discovery in the process…   and our existence is intimately linked to the constant renewal of matter and energy of the universe of which we are part. Everything is renewed, regenerated by tapping into that source of matter and energy that is the universe. A massive force for the renewal, for good.

Life seems irresistibly called to take an ascending scale, rising with the evolution of forms. The adventure of life is ordered by an organizing principle, that tends to work better and better… I don’t know why… I don’t know the reasons behind this…but I know that that’s the way it is. And I’m utterly convinced that we can be better than we are, even in the short term of our life. Simply because this is in the order of the order of things.

I like to motivate people to be the best they can be, to help them be conscious of the reality, and acknowledging others, to be the ethical leaders of themselves and others, and put it into practice. They always wondered how I pulled that one off… what is the mindset that allowed me to change myself, to succeed, to inspire others, and to live the way I want…   now you know, it is awareness. Positive awareness.

Anybody with the right inner “engine” and enough love for life can do that. It’s a sort of positive rearrangement of yourself that inevitably leads to fulfilling your life, to channel your creativity, in business and life, and to achieve success. Only mental immobility leads nowhere.

So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and improve yourself.

Be extraordinary! But that’s just one man’s opinion… mine… What about You?


Massimo Scalzo
Massimo Scalzo
YOU MIGHT SAY that Massimo advises big and small companies, entrepreneurs and individuals on how to craft digital strategies that get tangible results from their tactics. Which is true. You might even agree with few german managers who called him “gute schlepper” (good tugboat in English) because of his inner strenght of pulling people toward visionary and positive goals. However, neither of these statements would be completely true. The truth is that from his childhood, Massimo was fed and watered to be someone who relates to people, is constructive, multilingual, loves the life and looks at the future. And the most amazing thing that came out of his attitude is the ability of conveying the same feeling to others For nearly twenty eight years he traveled and worked in management consulting in eight countries. His thoughts, notions, ideas, speaking engagements come from more than thirteen years as an entrepreneur and fourteen plus “on the road” for Touche & Ross, Deloitte and PricewaterHouse. On his path, he learned a great deal about customer-driven strategy and transformation, digital marketing and design thinking, working on behalf of a-z roster of clients, e.g. IBM, BMW, Frost & Sullivan, SAP, Oracle, Fiat, Salesforce, Accenture, OpenMinds and many other SMEs in several countries and industries. Massimo lives (as much as he can) in the greater Frankfurt area in Germany. He loves his two kids, Massimo and Amelka, more than anything else.

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  1. Thank you Dennis ! I beg your pardon if I have misspoken… but In the first 2 lines of the article “…in my view this question makes no sense, ’cause the answer is certainly yes” I meant that I am convinced that we are NOT alone. Thank you.