The Underlying Potential Of Pride & Passion

“There are two types of people: one that brings happiness wherever they go and the other that bring happiness whenever they go.”     

It is up to you, my Dear Friends, to take your pick and decide which type of a person you would like to be. Either you become the messenger of happiness or let your departure from the scene bring others a sigh of relief. I am sure you can easily understand in which direction I am pointing. Only those that bring happiness, a sense of cheer, and pride on others’ faces become worthy of remembrance after they leave. They leave an indelible print of their charm on everybody. About the other ones, less said the better!

Believe it or not, a lot of your goodwill owes its foundation to your communication skills. One of the most remarkable traits of successful people is their way of communicating with others. It comprises two essential elements namely Pride and Passion. These two together can help you bring about a significant change in your entire personality.

Learn to communicate with pride because it conveys a sense of your analytical abilities.  This simple change can lend tremendous weight to your opinions. One easy way to master this technique is to exercise self–control. You need to restrain yourself from speaking loud, interrupting others, and giving your opinion without due consideration to the context, audience, time, place, or surroundings.

We all know we are born with two ears and one mouth, but not many people realize the difference we can make by using these two faculties wisely. Because we are born with double the amount of listening capacity than that of talking, we MUST use them in the same order: Talk Less; Listen More.

We all know we are born with two ears and one mouth, but not many people realize the difference we can make by using these two faculties wisely. Because we are born with double the amount of listening capacity than that of talking, we MUST use them in the same order: Talk Less; Listen More.

By listening to the other person’s opinion, you create empathy and just this single change in your personality can help you tremendously in pulling people towards you rather than pushing them away.

By giving the other person a chance to finish what he or she wants to say, you are only telling them that you are sympathetic to their cause and that they can trust you. Why should anyone bother about you if you are not willing to let them finish what he or she wants to say? Never, ever be in a rush to respond to anybody before he/she completes their sentence. If you did not, you would miss the gist of his or her statement. Accordingly, your response will go unheeded as premature or irresponsible.

On the other hand, once the other person has stopped talking and you heard without interruption, chances are more than fair that you will address their questions and concerns in right perspective. By making such a minor change in your social approach, you are giving others an opportunity to not only trust but also come close to you at the same time.

No doubt, you will spend some time in the company of negative people as well, but judge for yourself what you are presently doing if not spending most of your time with negative people already. The only difference is that before you never realized that they were wasting your time, but now you do.

Once you know the difference, you will get rid of such negative influences and start building stable relationships with positive people.

We all have problems of one kind or another, but losers among us complain more often. Confident people are always passionate about things in life as they carry an aura of pride wherever they go. It is not only difficult but also virtually impossible for people with a cynical bent of mind to talk with pride and passion. If they were passionate about their beliefs, they would have positive energy oozing out at all times.

Negativity leads to loneliness, which can sometimes result in depression. On the other hand, positive energy brings creativity and an urge to excel beyond the ordinary.

Your passion determines the weight your statements carry when you relate to people. More empathy you show to others the more trust you will win. Such a simple transition will lead to an automatic rise in the number of people that appreciate your company. The resulting change of peoples’ attitude towards you will help you establish two-way communication with more progressive individuals and widen your circle. A more extensive circle of people around you will automatically help you attain an elevated status in society and develop an acquaintance with more successful people in return.

The pride you feel when presenting your thoughts and ideas in front of others will help them take you a lot more seriously as you would have done your homework on your presentation already. Once this change starts to kick in, you will begin to see a difference in your thinking relating to everyday routines. You will not be wasting any more time on unnecessary chores day in and day out. Your every move will point to your ultimate goal of attaining outstanding success. You will stop “passing” time and start investing it in meaningful pursuits. The word ‘procrastination’ will have no place in your dictionary.

Your changed approach to life in general and relationships, in particular, will be the instrument that empowers you to earn recognition as a reliable individual from those that matter. This change, in turn, will give more weight to your ideas as well as questions, if you have any. They will feel more comfortable in your company and not cut corners from you.

These initial steps of your growing popularity will eventually bring you to a stage where your advice will carry a lot more intrinsic value. Your statements will thus earn due respect. Your sense of pride will resonate with those looking for a positive change.

Always keep in mind the age-old wisdom, “your attitude determines your altitude.” The right attitude has an immense capability to foster relationships that no amount of money can ever accomplish. Yes, money does matter a lot, but it is not the sole provider of all happiness and accomplishments. You can never buy happiness for the long term, though temporary happiness is more accessible to gain for the right price.

We all know happiness is a relative term and its meaning changes more often than we could care to notice. On the other hand, a proud man (or woman, for that matter) creates curiosity in the mind of the beholder as to what makes the person stand out in a crowd. They want to know what makes you tick. While you will be the center of attraction, your so-called friends from yore will be wondering how you could create a difference in your status.

While people would continue to stay away from those who have no more challenges and aspirations left in their lives, you are bound to attract much-needed attention.

A lesson I learned many, many years ago goes like this: Assimilation means the capacity to adapt, absorb, or adjust. Once you have mastered the art of assimilating with passion, it will become much more comfortable to generate goodwill and open up new avenues for yourself where none existed before.

Adaptability is the technique that helps you become more tolerant and soft in your approach towards everyone. To be able to absorb anything, you have to act like a sponge and make sure that you give some to take some. Without sacrificing a part of what you hold dear, you cannot make room for anything new to get into your system.

Whatever firm convictions or beliefs you hold dear, please do not let them come in the way of appreciating others’ opinions and feelings as well. Maybe, just maybe, you will like what others have to say differently about the same thing that you hold dear.

When you pay attention to others’ ideas and viewpoints, show passion for sharing their experiences and suggestions, generate goodwill and convey an unqualified message of empathy, you will inevitably project an image of a passionate listener who cares. It does not cost you a dime to make this change but will result in incredible growth in your prosperity as well as ensuing rise in your status at the same time.



Bharat Mathur
Bharat Mathur
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