The Un-Condemnable

To be real it must exist! To exist it must be real! To exist is to live! To live is to be real!

So do thoughts exist?
If it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist!
Thoughts do not exist!
Thoughts are not real!
What you ‘think’ isn’t real!
What you ‘believe’ is real.
To believe is accepting something as the truth.
Believing is the act of accepting.
A belief is the attitude that something is true.
An attitude is reflected in your behaviour.
To be true is to not be false.
It is your measure of faith that will determine your choice in what you chose to believe.
Know Your Power Here!
If what you believe is not making you happy.
Change the thought.
Believe something else and make it good.
Act it out.
Enjoy the rewards.
Don’t like it?
You can always change your mind!
There are no mistakes, just ‘nothing’ little thoughts.

The best thing to do is to just be true. Truth is as real as you make it. So you will be the only judge here. When it comes to being completely honest… there are some truths that can never be challenged. One of the most fundamental truths is that capacity in ourselves where we start to question if what we are doing is the right or wrong thing. Being true to self. This evolves over the lifespan and what we have processed…. it is inescapable.

Look at yourself as you were when you were a young child. Remember how you wanted to be loved? Do you remember what you needed to make that happen? Do you remember how it felt when you were? Do you remember feeling that happiness? Do you miss it? Do you want more?

Is this a revelation? Is this child still there? Yes! It’s you! Just a few physical changes, or maybe a lot. But they did not perish or disappear right? Your right here, right now! You didn’t go anywhere. you just evolved. That little child you see in old pictures is actually you! When was the last time you thought of you and touched base with yourself? Are you on automatic pilot and just “doing life”? There are plenty who honour this self within and have a precious outlook on everything! There’s just something wonderful about the innocent presence of a child. The un-condemnable!

But this crucial little moment prior to any act is where you know if you are loving that innocent little child within you, or you have buried them so deep you can’t hear them calling out for love.

Some people never see this revelation and hide amid self-fulfilling thoughts, beliefs and make excuses… in order to compensate for what is deemed as bad behaviour. But who is saying behaviour is bad? Everyone defines it differently. There are those we learn and chose to believe, and then there is your common sense, and then there are rules for other things… So I can rest assured that if you are reading this, you have a pretty good conception of what is right and wrong, Right? So when we are deciding how to act or what to believe in. We start thinking. We ask inside for a moment perhaps, or we haven’t a clue and just do. But this crucial little moment prior to any act is where you know if you are loving that innocent little child within you, or you have buried them so deep you can’t hear them calling out for love. Do you respond to that inner call? Or do you turn your back and walk away? And if you do, what justification do you give yourself? Or are you looking everywhere else? And if so, why? A decision made by you, when up for conviction, can only be answered by you. So many say “there are two sides to the story” when trying to find out what truly happened. The fact remains that there are three. Your side, the opposite side, and the truth.

So if you are looking for validation anywhere but inside of you, you will never find the truth. We have to live with ourselves our whole life through. We started as the innocent child and progressed through many lessons. We grew in a world only known to us. This child of truth and who you are today… did you keep them with you or did you look away? Did you love this child and keep them close? Do you feel broken, like something is missing? So find that child now! They are home. Knock on the door and see if they want to play. The un-condemnable always forgive. So can you!

Justify your self-love with the fact that if you don’t love you.. then nobody else will. This is a fact. If something is not believed…it tends to be false. Think about that!
We get to control our lives this way.
You are what you believe.

It’s really all up to you!
Be your own best friend!
Believe in you!
Do what you do, but know that there is a child inside watching you. The un-condemnable little truth who believes in you too!

“Make no mistake about it!
It never really was,
So inform the mind inside you, It is so, just because,”


Paula Curley
Paula Curley
I am a deep thinker, lover of thoughts, and prolific writer sharing my words. In sharing, I am caring. I am a member of the human race with an appetite to motivate, inspire, empower, and provoke thinking. I am compelled to a vision that we are all here for a reason, life is like a deck of cards... “My cards. My deal. Life is learning the game!” #opism What is OPISM? I have come up with this term as my nickname is Op and they are my own quotes representing a moral doctrine belief system. Thus...Op+ism=Opism. #opism. My professional experience is disbursed across industries from financial services and sales to that of personal and emergency care. As one who has trained and coached, mentored, and taught; it has become a passion within to witness and feel joy in the achievement and success of others that I have been associated with. I am a lifelong learner and have created and facilitated various training materials. It is through such experience that I discovered the power of positive feedback in both professional and personal manners. I am self-disciplined, accountable, determined, humble, loyal, and adaptive; but above all, I value my integrity! I am a decent human being. It is with my greatest pleasure to share with others the power of positive words.

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