The Ultimate Guide To Starting A New Job

The first week in a new job is extremely exciting, but it can also be a stressful and busy period. You’re expected to take on your responsibilities, in the midst of training. You need to show your employer they made the right decision. It’s an new environment, whereas it may seem sensible to not do more than you’re told, taking initiative and going a few steps ahead will set you up for success and will quicken your transition to the new job.

Here are steps you should take to ensure you’re successful and productive in the shortest time possible.

Have a head start

Even before you’ve officially started, lay the ground work for a quick and smooth start before the first day. Get recommendations from your employer on how to prepare. Get material on the company like annual reports, company newsletters, town hall memos etc. There could be paper work like tax forms and benefit forms, being informed on what’s expected of you it will save you time on the first day. Confirm where, when and to whom you will report on the first day and be there on time.

Take an institutional and physical tour.

Take a tour through your new work place; note the bathrooms, conference space, privacy rooms and other essential places. If you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood get lunch recommendations.

When starting a new job, it’s also important that you tour the organizational chart. At the end of your orientation period you should have knowledge on all major departments and all key support functions you’ll be working with. You may need of most of these functions in your early days but you will need them later when you’re no longer a newbie and you will be glad you got all the information early. Colleagues are more willing to answer your basic questions and help while you’re still new in the work place.

Take initiative to network

Say hello to everyone you meet, be kind and friendly. Meet and connect with people. It will pay off in the long run. You will affect other people’s work directly or indirectly, it’s in your best interest to start on the right footing.

Set and clarify expectations

Use the initial meeting and contact with your bosses and colleagues to establish what you will bring into the table and what you expect in return. If you’re getting into a managerial position, be clear on what you expect from your team. Set the tone from your first week, from the office hours to the communication style.

Deliver on what you sold to your employer

Whatever abilities you touted on the interview, make it a mission to show and deliver on them. If you were hired on the basis of you being social media whiz, you should immediately revamp the social media accounts and come up with an effective social media strategy. Get in the habit of always keeping track of your major contributions, positive feedback and accomplishments. You will need that information in future salary negotiations and performance reviews.

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