The Two Most Important Elements Required to Achieve Your Goals

(1) Strategy

(2) Execution.

Leaders can make big plans but when it comes to execution and bringing life to those plans, it becomes harder. The execution of strategy requires discipline and below are four disciplines of execution that need to be followed to get the bigger results.

They may sound simplistic but if one ponders upon them deeply, they really can prove to be a game-changer.

The four disciplines are:

I. Discipline

a) Focus on the Wildly Important. The more you try to do, the less you will actually accomplish. So the first principle is to find your wildly important goals (WIGs)

It reminds me of Jim Collins’ Quote:

If You Have More Than Three Priorities, You Don’t Have Any. 

~Jim Collins

II. Discipline

b) Act on Lead Measures. This is the discipline of leverage. All actions are not created equal. Some actions are more important than others for reaching your goals called lead measures. So one needs to identify those lead measures, those high leverage activities, and act on them, to reach the goals faster.

III. Discipline

c) Keep a Compelling Scorecard. What gets measured is what gets done.  Execution requires keeping a compelling scorecard. In any sport, if you start keeping the scorecard of the game, immediately the quality of the game changes. The same is true with your goals.

IV. Discipline

d) Create a Cadence of Accountability. Howsoever hard you may try to do it makes it really difficult to keep accountability for your own actions. That is where there arises a need for coaching. While the first three principles set up the game, it is this discipline #4 that kickstarts the game.

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Sandy Chernoff
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