The Top 6 Components Everyone Needs In A Killer Media Kit

public relations-prBefore you start writing pitches and press releases, you have to have your supporting cast in the wings ready to come on stage. Writing a news release without having your company information materials, aka ‘media or press kit,’ prepared is like putting the cart before the horse.

Once you’ve piqued the interest of a reporter, they’ll ask you for supporting information. If you’re worth your weight in gold, you’ll send a link for them to download your online kit materials within five minutes of their request.

I can’t stress enough the importance of immediate response time. Reporters are on deadline. If they want to include you in a feature they’re writing, they will have called three to four similar sources. It’s the first one or two who respond with back up materials and an available CEO to interview that will make the story. That’s why having a killer media kit is king.

Years ago, press kits were elaborate and glossy. Four-color process folders stuffed with paper covering every aspect of the company were snail mailed or Fed Ex’d to a reporter’s desk. Today time is of the essence. Reporters want a few select supporting documents.

You can mix or match these components to address the reporter’s needs.

Top 6 Items in a Media Kit

1 Facts at a Glance
2 Company Logo
3 Executive Professional Headshot(s) & Product Photo(s)
4 Executive 100 Word Count Bio
5 250 & 100 Word Count Company Description
6 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Facts at a Glance

I consider this sheet to be the most important piece of your kit. It should include the following information.

Formal Company Name & Launch Date
Names of the Company Founders, CEO, President & Owner


Susan Almon-Pesch
Susan Almon-Pesch
SUSAN Almon-Pesch is the founder of Market 4 Profit, and her full service ad agency was named Small Business of the Year and ranked in the Top 25 agencies in Western New York. In 1988 Susan was elected the first woman president in the 70-year history of the 250 member Buffalo / Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives, and she was the first woman inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1992.

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