The Tiny Red Booties

In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and twenty-five a child was nestled inside the safety of his mother’s womb waiting for January or early February to arrive. The child would greet his new world, be meeting his loving parents.

Although yet to be born this tiny new life knew his mother’s name was Charlotte because every time the sound of a deep soft sound of another calling her name this little life growing inside her felt so much love flow over Charlotte, this little yet to be born child felt a deep sense of comfort so overwhelming he heard the angles singing.

It would be the first child for Charlotte and Chester, her husband. They could barely contain their excitement waiting to meet this blessing God had granted them. The couple had waited so long for a child, so long in fact, they had pondered if it was their destiny to be a family of only two, Charlotte and Chester.

December arrived and with it the excited couple prepared for the Christmas Season having put up all manner of decorations. Chester hung the pine cone wreath on their front door, while Charlotte placed her pewter candle stick in the living room window. The candle would be lit on Christmas Eve as a sign welcoming friends and family for the Christmas feast to come on Christmas Day.

Chester left early in the morning December 23rd in search of the perfect Christmas tree and perfect it was. Chester placed an Angle on top of the tree and as Chester placed his hand on Charlotte’s belly the tiny little life within began to dance inside his mother’s womb to the absolute delight of Charlotte and Chester.

Placing their hand wrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve, Charlotte looked at Chester and said, “one gift is missing Chester what if our little one comes early and there is no gift under the tree for our new little one”.  Chester replied, “Charlotte darling you worry too much our little one will be missing Christmas this year, remember the Doctor told us late January or early February is when you are due to give birth.”

Even so Charlotte pulled out her bag of yarn raffling through it until she found a ball of bright red yarn, pulling out her knitting needles she sat down in her rocking chair placed next to the fireplace and began to knit what would become two tiny red baby booties. Chester pulled his tin of pipe tobacco along with his corn cob pipe from the mantel and continued his ritual with the pipe and once lit sat down in his big leather chair across from Charlotte. Her skilled nimble hands made fast work as she worked away on a pair of tiny red booties. Chester thought it rather silly of his wife Charlotte, but he had learned through the years once her mind was set on something it was best to give her the lead.

As Chester puffed always on his corn cob pipe with his dear wife knitting away he could see a worried look upon her face. “What’s troubling you dear wife?” “What if there is not enough red yarn Chester to make both botties the ball of yarn is dwindling fast and one little red bootie just won’t do.” “It will be my dear wife, as many years as we have prayed for a child surely God will provide the yarn you will need.”

Please Lord, she sent up a silent prayer for her little red ball of bright red yarn to multiply into two tiny red booties. As she finished the second bootie Charlotte realized her prayer was being answered, not only was there enough yarn but enough, just enough for her to make tiny little pompoms one for each bootie and the last of the bright red yarn to attach them to the her now precious Christmas gift for the tiny little her baby her heart was longing to meet. She wrapped up her baby’s treasure made with love and placed it under the tree.

The fire in the fireplace had burnt down to nearly the last cinder as Chester and Charlotte crawled into bed holding one another close both falling fast to sleep beneath the thick warm comforter Charlotte had made years before to keep them warm during the cold winter nights their Valley was known for during the Winter months.

While the loving couple slept a big drop in the barometer moved into their lovely Valley and it began to snow. The snow came down hard and by dawn was already a foot deep. Charlotte woke Chester with a groan, “Oh Chester I think it’s time, look my water has broken and the pain is harsh. Hurry Chester and bring the Doctor we’re about to meet our little one”.

And so, it was that on Christmas Day Charlotte and Chester meet their son John. Chester retrieved John’s Christmas present from under the tree and together he and Charlotte unwrapped his first Christmas present and placed them on his tiny feet, they kissed him on his forehead and together said “MERRY CHRISTMAS BABYJOHN, welcome to our wonderful world that your Lord Jesus Christ died for you, so you may live forever with him in your heart.



Arlene Switzer Flynn
Arlene Switzer Flynn
ARLENE retired from a long and extraordinary career in real estate, both residential and commercial, followed by ownership of her own mortgage broker company. She is a member of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals in America. She returned to her ‘”forest” with thoughts of retirement, and a new love entered her life – writing. Her first novel “Buzzard’s Glory” hit the market running, and the sequel is hot on its trail. She also writes short stories of humor, old sage advice and inspiration.

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