The Time is Now: Raise Your Voice!

You as always are spot on Jared Nichols! The time is now for Humanity to seize upon the opportunity that is before us all.  When we put our differences aside and become a part of something bigger than of ourselves, we have a huge opportunity and the potential to so much good for Humanity.

If we are willing to bring ideas, knowledge, insights, inspiration, motivation, selfless leadership, kindness, and positive ways to move Humanity forward together we can (and I say that we will) see the Rise and Next Renaissance coming closer to us all than we truly realize ever before we have seen in human history.

Are we daring enough to say with our combined voices that we need a change and we need it now?

I say I am that daring enough to do it and I must do it because it is is my calling and purpose in life! We can’t go back to the way things used to be no more. I am not willing to take a chance on my family’s future because of what the “Status Quo mindset” tells me what “I and my family” should do.

What has the “Status Quo” done for you lately?

There is no better time in human history than right now. I am committed to helping others every day in every way. We don’t have to be defined as the “Status Quo” no longer!

Why should we sit back and others dictate our future?  Whose future are you going to build upon? From someone else or you go out and make your own future better for yourself and your family. But more importantly for Humanity!

Here is the great post from Jared Nichols that inspired this article and here’s the video within:

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Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman, Passionate Coalition Builder, CEO/Founder of Bringing Humanity Together, is always eager to share first hand, the story that inspired his powerful vision to humanely transform today’s workplace for the better. During his 35 years of experience spanning many different industries, Chris has seen the best and the worst of treatment from the leadership of companies for which he has worked, and has also noticed the effect poor treatment had on others. His unique vision to help positively shift the workplace paradigm led to the creation of Bringing Humanity Together: Bringing Humanity Into Business & Beyond, a powerful grassroots movement now also a business created through talking to other professionals and sharing his passion on the LinkedIn platform. Bringing Humanity Together seeks to be the voice and solution provider for employees who suffer from unfulfilling and derogatory treatment at the hands of their employers and for employers who recognize that a healthy company culture is key to their success. Chris believes the way to be an effective change agent is by offering support, advice, and empowerment to businesses who seek to shift their company culture for the better and to provide the same assistance to employees who need help navigating their unique situations as part of today’s workforce. Chris’s gift of expressing his passion and ability to build a coalition of professionals who embody the ‘service to others first’ mantra of living, has allowed him to assemble a powerful LinkedIn community of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders who are on this journey with him and willing to support him in this endeavor.

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  1. Chris, you ask the question: “Are we daring enough to say with our combined voices that we need a change and we need it now?” The related question is “Can we agree on the change?” What is it that we want to move away from and move toward? And there, the cynic in me says, it’s unlikely that we’ll get agreement.

    That said, I will rally around your statement “I am committed to helping others every day in every way.” Change always starts at the granular level, and then grows. “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

    Thanks for you impassioned post.

    • Thank you so much Jeff for those kind words. I know that the agreement may take some time. But at this point I must seize and share the great opportunity that is before us all. When a few brave people who believes in the cause, mission of what they are setting out to do. They know in their heart of hearts that they can’t be stopped. If I only get one person to join me on this journey to Bring Humanity Together and Bring Humanity Into Business and Beyond, Jeff it will be all worth it !! Now as it relates to people agreeing to what we need to do moving for Humanity. I know that has a lot to do with the Status Quo Mindset of people !! We have lived our lives through by having blinders on from others telling us what is best for us and those people who have positional authority over us and not using permissional leadership to move us forward as people. A army of one is just that, but it only take the one to turn into a army of many. And we must look at it like that. But always remain positive and focused in whatever is your purpose in life. I may not be a leader in anyway but I am willing to lead people and help them get to where they need to go in business today and in life itself. Because I know it is truly the smallest things that we all can do that can truly be the biggest impacts of all on other people’s lives everyday in every way possible !!

      The time has come for the Rise and Next Renaissance of Humanity to be shown and shared with the world !!

    • Paula Goodman Thank you so much for adding your voice and being a part of something bigger than all of us. Yes, the time is now and we need to seize the opportunity that is before us all and do the great positive things that will leave a lasting impact people’s lives in every aspect of we all do weather it is in business today or in life itself !! Sometimes it is the smallest thing that turn into the biggest impacts of all !! Then the bigger question becomes, who wants to join us to help in the Rise and Next Renaissance of Humanity? Your voice, thoughts and ideas are needed now than ever before and that goes for all of us !!

    • Your Welcome always and anytime Darlene, Let’s talk soon about this and so much more !! Thank you so much for your kind words and continued support every day in every way !!