The Sun is Shining

The day is dull and life is slow,
random thoughts are pouring in in a continuous stream of flow.
Pondered and asked myself… shall I start something new?
paused for a tick and thought options are few.
Checked the horoscope, and it too suggested it is not the right timing,
Oh hello, but the sun is shining.

Pivoted my perspective and sat down to write a poem,
“A plus B equals C” came to mind … but that was like writing a theorem.
Amazed by the hiccup, hoped AI could solve such complexities,
but realized there are other pressing issues that deserve priority.
Alas … technological advancements abound, yet problems are piling,
Oh hello, but sun is shining.

Not wanting to give up, decided to write a blog instead,
ideas were many, but they were like a mashed potato of news I have read.
The news was that inflation is on the rise and so are prices,
which makes one think should I buy ‘bread and butter’ or just ‘bread slices.’
People are coping, but the impacts will be long-lasting,
Oh hello, but the sun is shining.

Bemused n baffled, thought posting on social was the way to go
but found my feed full of notifications, and cleaning it was a big no-no.
Felt no need to beat around the bush; perhaps it is not my day,
well ‘no day is perfect’, so started working to get a few things out of the way
In a day of drama, this change of heart was the only silver lining
Oh hello, but the sun is also shining.

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Jiwat Ram
Jiwat Ram
Jiwat is currently working as a Professor in Project management at Excelia Business School France. He did his Ph.D. from the University of South Australia and MBA in International Business from AIT Thailand. Jiwat has over 20 years experience of working in industry across banking, construction, service, and education sectors in an international setting. For the last more than 10 years, Jiwat has worked in academia teaching at Executive Education, Master’s, and bachelor’s levels. His teaching includes courses on Artificial Intelligence, project management, management, and research methodology. Jiwat has published his research work in top-tier, high-impact factor journals including the International Journal of Production Economics, the International Journal of Project Management, Computers in Human Behaviour, the Journal of Global Information Management, and Enterprise Information Systems, among others. Combining academic and non-academic work, he has published over 100 articles in journals, conferences and industry outlets. His published work has been well received and four of his published papers have ranked in the Top 25 most downloaded papers from ScienceDirect. His two papers have been ranked in the Top 25 Most Cited articles as well. Jiwat’s research is focused on the impacts of technologies such as Social Media, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence on businesses and society. Jiwat likes to understand how we can leverage upon the use of innovative technologies for business growth and productivity. Jiwat regularly contributes towards the development of new thought and ideas in business and technology management. As such, he has a growing portfolio of publications on some of the contemporary issues in the management of projects and organizations. Jiwat also publishes his work on social media platform Linkedin to connect and reach out to other industry professionals. His work has received a good following with a significant number of posts cited as reaching top 1% engagement on Linkedin. Jiwat’s content on LinkedIn can be accessed at: #ideannovation_jiwat Please feel free to connect with Jiwat on LinkedIn by clicking on the Icon above.

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