The sense of smell is tied to memory and emotion in the human brain, which is why certain scents can conjure memories or feelings. Savvy marketers have learned how to use this to their advantage through scent marketing.

There are many different ways businesses can build relationships with their customers, help build a cohesive brand and influence sales through scent marketing. For example, Bloomingdales pumps a different scent into every department in their large stores to help set the mood. For example, baby powder will scent the baby section or ocean spray will scent the bathing suit section. This helps increase sales by conjuring images in customers’ minds. Another way businesses can influence opinion is through a fresh, clean scent in places that may not be so fresh or clean. This is a popular method used in gyms and public bathrooms. Sales can be increased by reminding the customer of a company’s offerings. For example, Cinnaplex wafts the scent of popcorn throughout their theaters which entices customers to visit the snack bar.

To further explore this marketing tactic, FragranceX has provided the following infographic. While you look at it, think about how you might be able to use scent marketing to further your marketing efforts!Scent MarketingCourtesy of FragranceX

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Johnny Johnston

Great article. In the 2000’s as a marketing executive with Marriott Resorts a book was published called “The Experienced Economy”. The points identified in this book explained travelers looked for not only a vacation in a resort but an experience. Something that touched and stimulated their senses. Long story short, we began instituting features that would trigger the senses and also drive the customer experience. Infusing the scent of suntan oil into the lobby as guests registered and looked out over the huge windows above the beach. Infused the scent of roasted garlic in the evening throughout our restaurant corridors at dinner, placed speakers in the elevators which played the sounds of the beach and people laughing during the mornings, and in the evenings the sounds of a distant thunderstorm as they were retiring. We had sea shell laced “Do Not Disturb” signs created with our Resort name and encouraged guests to take them. Yes, senses drive satisfaction and customer loyalty.