The Story of Whelm

One night after a very long day of over 4 hours (at this point) of deep emotional healing work with me, she said where do you want to go? I said my purpose, which I clearly define publicly as “My Definitive Purpose is to Elevate Humanity Through Knowledge and Understanding”.

For me to fulfill that I must always be willing to go deeper within myself or how could I ever guide others there, let alone humanity.

For me, it comes down to mastering the ripple effect and making the most of each hour I spend with others. I am learning and leaning into the clarity I give others in an hour, it is life-changing, I am seeing things as an objective observer, sharing my vulnerable truth and empathy.

Part of being the teacher is to be the student in perpetuity, learning from every single experience and being self-aware enough to see it. Each day I strive to be the objective observer of my own life, to sit in the emotions and learn from my own programming.

Some words that came up through emotion coding; shame, guilt,  burden, overwhelmed, to name a few.

Shame – triggered – Why me? Am I worthy?

Guilt – triggered – Leaving others behind from this and past lives, stop protecting others from themselves, and making myself responsible for such.

Burden – triggered – How can I? This is enormous and who am I?

Overwhelmed – triggered – The magnitude of this purpose is so enormous and few throughout all of time have been able to accomplish this.

As we went through each they led us down their own rabbit holes and it was a magical experience, to say the least. We followed the chain of where it took us in flow without effort, identified the programming and experiences that lead to the programming, and rewrote them.

Then we got to overwhelmed and at this point, we were into over 5 hours of deep self-reflection. It is tiring, draining, and magical all at once.

So she said to me “Overwhelmed”, which is the opposite “Underwhelmed” and we both laughed as that is not the solution. Then she said “Whelm”, we both laughed as if that could even be a word.

So I googled it and this is what I found:

verb: engulf, submerge, or bury (someone or something).
noun: an act or instance of flowing or heaping up abundantly; a surge.

Obviously, as a verb that would be the opposite of my intended impact, but as a noun, it makes perfect sense. Such a perfect illustration of the paradox we are as individuals, as a whole race of humanity and the universe.

We must embrace our dark and light, alchemize all aspects of self and be so deep in self-awareness that nothing outside of ourselves impacts our core.

My word for 2022 is Flow, fully embracing being in flow. The definition of “Whelm” as a noun basically describes the state of being I strive for each day.

Pretty sure at this point my word for 2023 will be Whelm, but in reality who knows what will be between now and then?

I am amazed by the power of being in a state of flow with another that is as well, trusting myself enough to trust another and allowing the gifts of connection to bring the miracles as they will.

I am honored to be me, live at this exact time in history, and to allowing myself the gifts of perpetual growth and self-understanding.

Love and light


Michael Padurano
Michael Padurano
My definitive purpose is to Elevate Humanity Through Knowledge and Understanding. I work with individuals and organizations to inspire through action to connect to your impact. Through my deep vulnerability, I inspire others to be their truest soul-connected selves, while I am on my journey to do the same for myself. One of my goals is to use my wisdom, created from the knowledge that I applied to experiences to inspire others to find their own wisdom. As a solo parent, my children and self-care always come first in my life, through my soul’s inspired action I live in my legacy daily.

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