The Story of Beautiful You!

Many years ago, I would come home from a late-afternoon activity, and a new friend of my mother would often be sitting in our living room or kitchen. Sometimes I could see my mother listening carefully, hearing her offer advice. There were many situations of this I can recall. She had many friends and acquaintances who would confide in her. Unbeknownst to the adults, there were times I could overhear some of these colorful stories. Back in the sixties, they would have been deemed somewhat scandalous. These days, most people would take such tidbits with a grain of salt. No matter their story, my mother never forgot, and she would remember their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When appropriate and general information about something positive, my mother would captivate us with her version. It could be about someone’s child or pet. Yes, she had a way with words.

In the Genes

My Dad was also one to hear others’ stories. I remember dropping home as an adult, and he and his buddy would be sitting, talking, and not talking as men often do. He was not the only one who shared with my dad about his life, as I find out years later. With both parents being listeners, it is no wonder I chose a profession that requires intense attunement.

A Good Story

Stories! Who doesn’t like a good story? As a child, I loved hearing stories from my seventh-grade teacher Miss Joyce. She would regale her eager students with tales from family events and read the narrative about St. Therese of Lisieux. Yes, fifty years later, I remember being enchanted by Miss Joyce’s lively descriptions. During my adolescence, reading became my passion. Early in those years, I would read Nancy Drew books such as The Clue of the Tapping Heels and The Quest of the Missing Map,… both in one weekend. Soon, I moved onto historical fiction by Victoria Holt/Phillip Carr and more dramatic by Taylor Caldwell. Calling me Book Woman could be an understatement.

All About The Unique Story

My professional calling is about serving others. No matter how long it might be in between sessions, some ask me how I remember the facts they have shared with me. For many years, my assumption was the blessing of high energy and a good memory that made this possible. More recently, I concluded it was my ability to become engrossed in their life stories to recall so much material. Each unique story is precious to me. For some,  unfairness and pain have riddled their autobiographical account. As these lovely individuals know, I will remind them they can have a better life supporting them as they write a new segment to their life story.

Here is my video talking about it:

Create More of Your Story

When inducing hypnosis, I often ask people how they would like to go into a trance. Many pick the beach at sunrise or sunset. Right at the onset of this journey, I extend an invitation for them to notice the sky as the sun rises or set. Next, I suggest they observe the unique masterpiece unfolding in the sky as if an artist took paint from their palette onto a canvas creating something original. The emphasis is always on the uniqueness of them as well as the capacity to shift the story.

Not long ago, I hypnotized a lovely woman. Towards the end of the hypnotic session, I suggested she enter a great room designed exclusively for her. As I prompted her to have a seat across from the fireplace, I invited her to notice to her right a manuscript entitled “The Story of Beautiful You.” My final invitation was to have her open the reader to continue writing her story, creating the next phase with delightful possibilities.

What About You?

Do you believe that everyone has a unique story? Do you agree that it can still reflect beauty no matter the events that unfold?

I invite you to share your thoughts or a piece of your story.

Darlene Corbett
Darlene Corbett is a Speaker, Author, Licensed Therapist/Coach, and Podcaster and is known as the “UnStuck” expert. She has developed programs based on her experience and is hired by associations and corporations all over the country to share her expertise. Darlene is a high-content speaker with an engaging and energizing style. Darlene loves working with people and believes her foundation as a Therapist and Hypnotherapist validates her position that everyone has the capacity to get UnStuck. When it comes to her deep understanding of human behavior, communication and relationships, Darlene not only helps refurbish the house but steady the foundation. She has been quoted in Knox News,, Bustle, and Best Life and has written many blogs and articles. Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck, was published by Sound Wisdom in November 2018. Darlene’s weekly podcast “Tap Into The Power of U,” is for men and women 40+ who wish to get unstuck. Darlene is a member of many associations and is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Abby’s House in Worcester, MA. In her personal life, Darlene enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, and close friends as well as crocheting, reading, staying fit and loving life. She thanks God every day for giving her the energy and excitement to continue to look forward to what is ahead.


  1. Darlene, you are always a positive light and I love your spirit. We all have stories, so many little chapters, pages, paragraphs, or even a word… that memory replays in the imagination from the giver to the receiver. I like that when we tell the stories, the heart releases and replays a different version the more you tell it, depending on your current position and attitude. I think of too how when there are more characters in one story, there will always be a different version, as everyone is telling their truth. We all live our own truths, our story as seen by us.

    Thank you so much for this. I have shared stories, and am still working on more. The overall story? I do believe I am a miracle now… we are beautiful. You are a great reminder and thus a beautiful inspiration on the value of us,,and that means you too!
    Thank you Darlene!







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