The Story Of A Big Mean Billionaire Who Lived In A Great Big Tower

Once upon a time not too very long ago there was a big mean and grouchy billionaire who lived in an ivory tower far above the streets where regular people went about their business. This big mean billionaire used to make many people cry after he yelled at them. In fact, he fired many of the people he yelled at just to show how big and powerful he thought he was. He was a mean billionaire who never smiled at anybody.

One small day not too long ago this billionaire decided he wanted to be the king of all the people including the little people that he cared not about. The problem this billionaire had is that at first nobody liked him nor did they want him as their king. So on he went from town to town; to one TV station to another or any place, people would hear his message hoping people (even the little people) would start to love him. After all love (except for his money) was something he knew very little about.

Time went on as the big mean billionaire was starting to make people want to hear what he said. Not knowing how to talk to other people not as bejeweled as he began to get even more to become scared of him. He would be so mean and nasty and say all sorts of mean and nasty things just so he could get his way. Some people began to think this billionaire was cuckoo. One day as if by magic things started becoming good for the billionaire with the big mouth. He became more popular than the other people who wanted to be king including some crooked nasty lady who did many bad things to many people.

This crooked nasty lady would do all she could do including listening to his phone calls so she could stop him from getting on the throne that she desperately wanted for herself along with her beady-eyed snake in the grass husband. Her husband tried to make Nicey-nicey with this lady who came to his office when he was king. He deeply hurt the feelings of this sweet young girl who thought all she was doing was making a sad king smile. It took many years for this young lady to get over the bad things this king did to her as he done too many times with other sweet young ladies he met along his way. They too leaned on their knees so they too would drink the milk that sprang from his third arm.

Many many months went by until lo and behold the big mean billionaire was chosen by many subjects in many places to be their heir to the throne that yet another sinister king had been living in the house where the throne room was located. Soon his time would be up and have to go away. That mean crooked lady was so sure that she would soon be the queen of the land. But it was not to be.

Then came the month of November where on the 8th day in the year 2016 subjects would finally have to go to special places where they would vote for either the big mean billionaire or the crooked nasty lady who tried to do a very not nice thing to the billionaire to make him go away. But she could not make him go away. Came the morning of November 9th the royal proclamation announced that the big mean billionaire was going to be the next king. The night before when it was official the crooked lady called the billionaire to tell him she agreed that he had won. Many people grew very happy while others were angry to the point they were throwing things and starting fires.

Protests erupted throughout the land from many people who did not believe the billionaire won or won by doing crooked things. Soon all the votes from all over the land were to be recounted (at great expense to taxpayers)to make sure it was indeed the billionaire who had won. When this exercise in futility had ended it was official that the billionaire had won. More protests broke out that continue to this very day even though we are not yet in the “merry month of May when fresh flowers bloom filling the air with their sweet scents.

Soon the day came where the new king would go to the place where his soon to be throne was located so he could meet the old king (terrorist supporter, anti-American, anti-Israel, phony birth certificate holder and on and on) so they could arrange the “peaceful” day the old king would leave hopefully taking with him his signature disaster health plan that bore his name with him as well as his anti-American racist Queen he called his wife.

On the cold clear 20th day of January in the year of 2017, the new king was inaugurated. Once again violent and even blood spilling protests broke out not too far from where the new king would live. The new king smiled and gave a speech. He could not wait to get to work. After all, there was so much he wanted to do for this fair land. The new king became a smiling man who vowed to treat his subjects well while bringing peace and prosperity.

As quick as anybody could say have a nice day new jobs sprung up from old places that had left for foreign lands where labor was cheap and nary a regulation could be found. They came back bringing new hope with them. This was only the beginning we were told. Our levies were headed down while our pittance would go up. More smiles abound. We were going to be great again as was promised.

Aghast! Problems that begat new problems that begat, even more, problems had come to pass. From people talking to other people they were not supposed to talk to more people talking to other people they were not supposed to (who really talked to whom and what was spoken about is a key point of contention) talk to. All the King wanted was a chance to meet and play with his new friend from far away whose name was hard to pronounce. “ No way are you going there to play with that bad man who we said all along was not your friend!” Not fair protested the King as so many others got to play with this bad man from the red land. They even laughed at his jokes (Putin’s jokes) while eating to their heart’s content. The subjects inside the white castle (not the hamburger place) where the King had his throne became suspicious. They saw that this King would only do things his way. The King had us believing his way was good and just for all. Was it possible that the old king who had the disaster health plan schemed so that it could not go away? Our new King was going to make everything better. He had this to plan to big a great big wall in Mexico to keep bad people from coming our land and would pay for it by cutting people off from their healthcare although that was something he said he’d never do. Yes, he was going to and still wants to do it regardless how many people will get hurt.

His pep rallies were attended by people who did not know what was going on. They did not see or do not see that the new (I enthusiastically voted for our current President) King was a Humpty dumpty who was falling off the wall but to this point has not yet (the key word is yet) cracked his egg shell but how long will it be before that happens. So far boys and girls our new king is a disaster who may not make it much longer.

After all this time he still does not have a full Cabinet (thank you to all the obstructionist Democrats who will stop at nothing to either get Hillary Clinton in or bring back Obama) which would be a colossal failure/ collapse of American Democracy that we may never recover from. Never in our history have we experienced the dangerous dynamics playing out before our eyes. Some whimpers were expected except for now what we have is not whimpering. We have a full blown disjointed government that is not serving the people as the government is supposed to do.

Each day new setbacks pop up. We were clearly fooled by his passion, his fire, the anger at the status quo that he vowed he make go away with a huff and a puff from his big mouth. America has been through much in its history and now our resolve to live as one nation with a common goal is being torn asunder. What we must do now is pray long and hard at every chance we get during the day. Pray that chaos turns to order and that clearer minds whose ideology is focused on ALL the people, not just those whose income bracket is that of the man who was going to lead us.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. A nice rendition of the complicated process surrounding ‘change of government.’ How do you choose the lesser of the two evil contenders? No matter whichever your choice, be prepared to live with the turmoil and the damage they inflict on the populace.

    I would like to see what alternative contenders do you see as suitable for this coveted position, and in case of their failure to deliver the goods, what remedial measures do the voters have in their possession?

    Thank You, Joel Sir!

    • Bharat, Thank you for your comment. The only person (she has not declared an interest in running for any political office) I think could admirably take on the role of President of The United States would be the current US Ambassador to The United Nations Nikki Haley. She is a woman of great intellect, independence, with the ability to reach out to people in different sectors. What is not known is her overall ability to take on the immense issues that face this country. Other than she I see two political party’s who differ in philosophy but show only their interest in protecting or catering to special interest groups that support them. As far as the voters are concerned they have to get to the point where they realize that what is needed in Washington is somebody who is neither a Democrat or a Republican and who is not a Conservative or a Liberal with ties to no special interest groups. Bernie Madoff is not that person either nor is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

      • Thank you, Dear Joel Sir, for your prompt response to my query! One thing I would be curiously watching over the remainder of the current President’s term is how his not-so-well-received actions against imports from around the world impact the local economy. Do you see these changes as a welcome sign or a possible catastrophe both in terms of international relations as well as local jobs? Do you see a possible impeachment coming anytime soon, for all the antics totally unbecoming of the ‘most powerful leader’ in the world?

        • Thank you, Bharat, for posing these questions tom that once again highlight your intelligence. Presiden Trump makes policy decisions on a whim or based on whatever mood he is in on that day. This behavior has been repeated several times over. There is no way to determine what the long-reaching effects on our economy will be. Going back to my earlier statement President Trump does not make decisions with any rational thought process or consulting with members of his Cabinet or both Houses Of Congress. In general, I see the potential for catastrophe in the majority of the President’s actions. His volatile personality in addition to his mood swings are not the markings of a President who will make long-lasting positive changes to our economy. He figures he touts in terms of the number of jobs he has created thus far to date are inflated. He is ignoring the massive layoffs that are occurring in retail. He lacks relationship building skills. As for a Second Term, I believe he would win.

  2. Good narrative. The points in this article reminded me of the #EpicSkeletor promotion last night on YouTube. It was a story about an evil villain that shut his way from society. Then something unexpected happened that not only brought him back to society but it allowed him to connect with many people at the most emotional level.

    I always forget how strong music alone is for story-telling.

    • Hi Chris,
      Thank you as always for reading and providing your comments. This story does have a have a villain who in this case is the King. The King is a real life character who holds the highest office in this country. Most of the time this King can be found in Washington, DC. As far as the music goes that is something I try to do on a regular basis. The hard part sometimes is matching the right song that compliments the article. Take care.