The Sticks of Life

Thoughts walk randomly but suddenly you find that finding a way to connect them is a story worthy of telling.

I am sharing with the readers how reading two posts provided the initial seeds of the idea of this post. Ideas that are more random soon followed that sounded to walk astray. Later, I found their connection, which I am sharing with the readers.

Elena Gabor shared a post in which she wrote whatever you do today, big or small, it is your legacy. Make it a good one. Let the fragrance of your good deeds be a lasting one.

I commented Imagine days are sticks standing one behind another. Today’s flavor will pass on its flavor to the next one. Once the day is gone and falls down its fragrance stays. The process repeats.

The fragrance of today is the reinforced fragrance of tomorrow. Only a minute later I read a post by Anatolii Ulitovskyi in which he wrote The weekend is an “oasis” of the working week. I work on Saturday. However, I still try to devote time to my family.  Is Saturday your favorite day? I commented with the same comment as I did on Elena Gabor’s post. Make every day better than the present day.

I imagined the sticks forming of seconds, followed by the sticks of minutes then hours, then days, and of years. Likewise, I imagined the sticks of words, followed by the sticks of thoughts, and then the sticks of behavior, followed by the sticks of habits, and finally the identity of each one of us.

Events are the sticks in our lives. If you each stick as a fragrant one then the fragrance of each even reinforces the fragrance of the following stick and so on. The opposite is equally true.

Expectations lead to words. I add this to the famous quote of Gandhi. Is this a valid assumption? I say yes.

Science has revealed that our expectations of the food we eat influence how the food tastes in our minds. Thoughts have their flavor. In this reference you find this quote “Fresh Thinking, then shows how these 21 flavors can be combined into 28 sample recipes (there are billions of other permutations) to tackle common issues like self-anger all the way through to finding your soul path”.

Thoughts are like the food we eat. Our expectations shape our thoughts and their flavor. In a post titled “Mind and food: thoughts, flavours, sense of guilt, and weight gain can influence one another” I read, “The only thought of certain foods can create desire in someone and disgust in somebody else.”

One idea leads to another. One good expectation leads to a good thought. One good and flavored thought leads to flavored beliefs and all the way to a “flavored Identity”.

Start with good expectations. The world shall open its arms to you. It is all in your power. If the beginning is wrong, so the end identity shall be. Do not say Monday I hate and Saturday I love. Love each second, each event, and each happening so that you start the day with a food you like and be healthy.

Healthy living starts with a fragrant expectation. Make the first stick fragrant and if burnt shall flood your heart with its aroma.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. ‘One idea leads to another. One good expectation leads to a good thought. One good and flavored thought leads to flavored beliefs and all the way to a “flavored Identity”.
    Excellent thoughts of burning sticks Dr Ali . I add another term here about ‘petrifying the sticks ‘, or formation of sticks in layers turning into Coal, lignite or perhaps into crystalised Diamonds , by visualising the phenomenon of subjecting the sticks to thermodynamic transformations for the old sticks beyond the particular geological age ! Just played with my thoughts on Psycho-thermodynamic situation when our layers or waves of thoughts in mind get deeply rooted and are subjected to congestive compressive loads where aroma changes but give out the history of events and it’s aroma of fragrance of each event of the stick … Each event got be analysed with extraordinary speed of intelligence and alertness to grow the fragrance of positivity and dynamic evolution , perhaps it would be possible to tackle negative (burning) aromas to create pleasant fragrance of taste as a food to our mind.Wonderful thoughts of expectations and ‘fragrance today is the reinforced fragrance tomorrow ‘ , which made think about petrified formations of sticks or coal or diamonds

    • Oh dear Vishwar- you pwtrified my mind into diamond with your super-quality comment. I love this idea and it inspires with with an idea for a post.

      Loved also how you epanded on the idea that each stick represents an event in our lives. Super “playing” with thermodynamics to provide a new meaning of events and their falvor. Your writing “Just played with my thoughts on Psycho-thermodynamic situation when our layers or waves of thoughts in mind get deeply rooted” is just another idea of petrifying events into diamonds and you did this perfectly well.

  2. My first thought was confusion, Ali. The concurrence with your line of thought. Then joy and curiosity in realizing how the initial confusion was caused by personally having no frame of reference for burning sticks outside of building bonfires. Intellectually I understood what you wrote, yes, but personally the description of stick burning alightened no memories or feelings. (Actually I don’t burn scented candles, either, so if any feeling perhaps judgement about any artificially added scent.)

    Thank you for the linked articles as well. They are well worth reading. I think I know somebody who is getting a book for Christmas.

    • Thank Charlotte and your confusion is a healthy sign that you think deeply and do not accept without being satisfied and convinced..

      Many aromas we do not get until we roast or burn the “aroma-carrier”. I used burnt because most people are familiar with it (ask shish kebab favorites burning charcoal to “grilled” meat). Both happening together.

      The days roast us sometimes and tst our endurance. We get “burn out” of stress. If so, at least let our aroma be splendid.

      Yes, the book is definitely worthy.