The Shift

As I sat on the bench in the park to begin my meditation practice, I noticed there was a swarm of flies not far from me circling around the same bench. It was a family of flies with the elderly flies attending to the younger flies who were all over the place. As I closed my eyes and began my practice, I felt the tingling of the flies on my body and my face and it was becoming a sort of distraction as one by one each fly started circling around my head. I opened my eyes, observed the flies and instead of shooing them away just shifted to the next bench that was vacant and started my practice. The flies meanwhile kept to the first bench and were happy doing whatever they were doing. I sat on the other bench had a tranquil practice with no distraction whatsoever.

Had I been unmindful, I could have sat there thinking “This is my bench, How dare the flies disturb me”, distracted, irritated and shooing away the flies.

Had I been unmindful, I could have sat there thinking “This is my bench, How dare the flies disturb me”, distracted, irritated and shooing away the flies. The flies meanwhile would have intensified their sting on me realizing there is a threat to their existence. Similarly, we let daily frustrations and irritations take hold of our lives and blind us to the beauty and peace that exists if all we can do is simply shift benches.

In this case, the bench figuratively represents our perspective, thinking, emotions and actions.T his is playing out in major ways in the external world, where we tend to start owning, expecting things which are not our own or which are not in sync with the image of our ideal life  and waste precious energy and resources leading to disappointments and agony due to this misplaced sense of expectations and entitlement

When we consciously witness, respond and let go of things without getting affected, its possible to use life situations however negative as a catalyst for growth. There is a greater sense of understanding, sensitivity and appreciation for everyone and everything. One is more aligned externally and internally and a sense of detachment to whatever is happening outside develops.

Have you done The Shift in your life?


Srihari Balasubramaniam
Srihari Balasubramaniam
SRIHARI resides in Mumbai, India and is an experienced leader with 17 + years leading teams, influencing outcomes and creating business impact in the areas of Service Delivery, Customer Engagement, Transitions, Quality and People Engagement having worked with some premier organisations in India. Srihari strongly believes that's it's your people who will create value and great customer outcome and make them keep coming back. He is focused on influencing this aspect and create the intersection point where employee experience and customer experience meet. He has been able to demonstrate the linkage coupled with process rigor and governance in the last few assignments resulting in enhancement of key business metrics. As a student of Psychology, using the concepts of Positive Psychology in understanding human psyche and behaviour at the workplace, he has been able to leverage this for tangible business outcomes in terms of elevating customer experience, revenue growth and enhancing employee experience. Srihari has also been as a student of Spirituality and Yoga, introducing and applying concepts around holistic wellbeing, team work, virtuous and strength based leadership at the work place with his teams focusing on bringing out the true potential of the team. He believes in a "Learn it all" approach and have been consciously Re-learning newer dimensions in technology around AI, Robotics, Analytics and Areas of immense interest to him which is in the field of Psychology and its applications, Spirituality, Yoga and Vedanta.

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  1. Dear Srihari, Congratulations. This is a great start in the creative world. Your way of expression shows the maturity required to take such a stand aka do the shift.
    Very insightful and inspiring read!!
    Geetha Sriram (music class)

  2. Congratulations, Dear Srihari, for this inaugural article of yours, in this elite community of gifted Readers, Writers, Thinkers, and Change-makers that believe in sharing wisdom for everyone’s benefit! I find your above post very meaningful, and replete with sage advise. You have rightfully observed the significance of a change in our perspective to challenge hurdles, and obstacles.

    It shall certainly be a pleasure for me to learn from your posts what I still need to learn in life, and to make the necessary adjustments wherever possible.

    Thanks, with Warm Regards

    • Thank you Mr mathur for your feedback. I am really glad that you could relate to this post and looking forward to learning from you and all others on this amazing forum

    • You are in great company here, Srihari! There are so many outstanding Columnists and Featured Contributors available as a single resource in BC 360 you could count on, my friend. Not only that, most of us believe in learning from every possible source and you happen to offer that.

      Welcome, with Warm Regards!

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