The Secret Strategy: How to Influence People and Win Over Anyone

influence-motivate-inspireThe famous actress Kathryn Hepburn once said, when asked how she became so fascinating, “I only seem fascinating – the trick is to make other people feel fascinating, then they think you’re the fascinating one”.

Social gatherings  are a great time to practice this art; most people want to talk about themselves – their year, their problems, their accomplishments.

When you’re at a business  party or social event,  resist the temptation to hold forth about yourself (even when asked, most of the time, “how are you?” is simply an automatic greeting, not a genuine request for information)

Instead, turn the conversation around, and ask the other person all about them.   What they say isn’t as important as the fact that you’re listening. And voila! They may end up thinking you’re the fascinating one!

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ATTENTIVENESS = Doing it with Empathy
  •  Listen with an open mind
  • Cultivate a genuine interest in others
  • Learn to ask smart questions
OBSERVATION Doing it With Intuition
  • Tune in to what is unsaid. Body language may be even telling than the words that are spoken.
  • Watch for body postures and gestures, as well as voice patterns[/message][su_spacer]
And who knows? you may indeed find that you are even more fascinated by someone, once you have truly listened!

Elaina Zuker
Elaina Zukerhttp://www.ezinfluence.com/
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