The Rule of 3 – On Natural Conservation of Character

If you aspire to the highest place, it is no disgrace to stop at the second, or even the third place.

– Cicero, Latin orator

Let’s enter the arena theatre of real-world imaginations. Let’s lift up the edge of humane corporate mindsets to peek in at the large-scale dynamics of the operating theatre of naturally successful, neuro-cultural creations. What wisdoms might that many-storied, manifold body of millennia-old, evidence-driven outcomes offer “us?”

Just what does “winning” have to do with having enough nerve to succeed against all odds –for the greater good?

Winning for all stakeholders engages each and every high performing team member, both drawing on and also replenishing their deepest reserves while realizing their over-horizon missions, respectively.

Winning is a forward-giving, dynamic balancing act that preserves anybody’s ultimate intimacies (that is, their “interanimating” originalities) as a simple matter of course. Winning is by natural analogy the perfected resultant of at least two entangled vectors.

Winning preserves ultimate intimacies, of course, while also in due process conserving everybody’s characters (that is, their intimate ultimacies; their own focused efforts at naturally indispensable value creation) as a complicated matter of respectable results.

Winning in our historical moment of epochal cultural shifts subsumes so-called “losing” – as a teachable moment at least; at best, as high integrity, multi-faceted, career-pathing — oft called lifelong, real-world learning.

Any so-called draw, a zero-sum game (whether by rain-check or by fear of failure) serves (by reducing or expanding cultural horizon) as a placeholder for vested values; like any “zero” (any neuro-cultural, null set) as a socio-economic token of “values tied-up” until another winnable meet-up over the horizon.

From the arena theatre of real-world imaginations –inside or outside, above or below – those who lead and those who serve tend to become indistinguishable so long as their many-storied accountability (human capital on reserve) remains indispensable.

Mission impossible? Elect to accept the mission for the greater good? Neither one’s way nor the highway. Not the high road nor the low road. Our natural conservation of character rules all three ways at once. Both yesterday and today find us somewhere over the rainbow. Simple matters, of course. Just as long as due process conserves what’s complicated: respecting results. Results breed trust. Trustworthy corporate mindsets succeed naturally by entangling other vectors. Humans must perfect their own resultants.

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Dr. Jefferson A. Stewart
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Dr. Jefferson Stewart – co-founder, EaglesWings Team; free agent for BOTs-BODs-CXO Suites & 1st Speaker, JASS, LLC… Dr. Stewart has been serving Fortune 10-100-1000 firms for more than 30 years by focusing top leaders on the critical dimensions of core intellectual properties and on timing rapid market entries for their emerging businesses. Dr. Stewart’s corporate responsiveness among key institutions spans more than 40 years. His career-to-date, overall economic impact soars in the range of fourteen figures. Dr. Stewart stands at the ready as chairman emeritus, National Advisory Council of The American Society for Competitiveness. For 60 years, Dr. Jefferson has been serving as an ordained elder (40 years as elder at large) in his core faith communities. Like his three grown-up children, Jefferson greets each day’s dawning as a loyal Eagle, BSA.