It seems that many creative people come alive at three a.m.  That is when the mind is the most clear and words and images float like dreams all around you.  You grab the leash and together you drive south leaving the city to run in the nearby forest.  You and your dog set a pace that challenges your body and mind.  You both feel a primal pulse in the dark forest as you run toward the coming dawn where you will slow to a walk anxiously awaiting the first rays of the morning sun.

There is nothing that feels as powerful as the deep woods when the dawn breaks.  It is like the whole forest inhales a deep breath.  The pulse of the night gone until the night falls again.  

This is where we find our true self, this quiet time when we walk beneath the tall trees.  It is here where we find our true peace and where we feel most at home; yet, we long each day for the pulse that only comes at night.

Your feet tread the soft leaf-covered path; the sound is unobtrusive, a shuffling muted sound.  There is no hurry and the steps are measured with moments of stillness, so we hear the earth sounds, the rumbling of its journey through the vast universe.  You can hear the beating of your heart letting you know you are alive and part of life.  Your mind and body at their peak waiting to embrace the new day.  You spend this time each night for yourself and your dog.  It is expected now, and he waits by the door each morning leash in his mouth.  He brings you closer to nature, the pulse and the wild.  This time awakens your primal being.  For this morning you are part of the pack roaming and living in the moment free from the pull of the city.  You can feel the gentle but consistent pulse of the night wanting you to come back from the streetlights, the noise, and hint of danger and mystery.

The city beckons us away from the forest calling us to embrace the night, dance to the pounding beats of the late nightclubs and ride in the long black limousines.  The city at night is vibrant, and we can feel its enticement coursing through our veins.  Our heart beats faster and fills us with excitement.  I would warn you that the city nights are fleeting like the mist on a morning lake, enchanting, full of promises whispered into our ears of things that might be yours to embrace.  In truth, it is the dark side of us calling us to explore its mysteries.

The city awaits us, knowing we will come back, knowing we must forsake the forest for it is only a place you visit.  You live in the city where the glass towers reach toward the heavens.  The noise of the streets, the energy, and raw power attract you here making you want to stay, making you feast on the energy and promise of power.  Looking out the window of your office high in the sky you can see the forest in the distance, calling to you, promising a different power, one that replenishes the soul rather than takes from the soul. I say be patient for soon you will return and walk among the tall trees and feel the pulse of the night.

Point Of View

Life seems to be a duality of our spiritual self and our material self.  Both hold rewards and indeed are truly like day and night.  We build our true self by doing the things that awaken us deep inside.  It reveals our kindness and compassion.  Its actions are giving back and selflessly helping others along the journey.  It benefits us with calm and peaceful attributes and helps us engage life with these tools.

In our business life, we can use these tools to help us be better at what we do.  It is good to succeed in life, yet we must be cautious of the dark side.  It will reward us with power, greed and selfishly stealing our true self and leaving us cold and unfulfilled.  People will remember us for what we gave back to life and not by what we took.

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Laura Staley

Oh, I love this piece so very much, Larry! I feel such gratitude to be living full time on the side of a mountain in a tree house in the woods. My true self gets nourished on the daily! No longer very much interested in taking-just giving generously to life itself. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to live from the true self each day of our lives.

Jane Anderson

Your words paint a picture of peace and confidence. I agree with my whole being that we can easily turn what is good into something that is bad if we don’t honor our values and conscience.

Aldo Delli Paoli

Larry, you are always on time with extraordinary considerations about life and the people who make us think.
I did it, and tried to summarize my point of view as well (even if the proposed topic would require far more profound considerations)

What we pay attention to, and the way we do it, determines the content and quality of our lives. Based on my experience, people, in fact, will forget what you said, they will not remember what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Joel Elveson

It is interesting that you bring out that many creative people come alive at 3:00 am. Somewhere that is hours past midnight is when and only then that I can write. You are very perceptive about life. There is also (at least to me there is) a magnetic field to your writing that pulls you in. The last paragraph in your article was ripe with the truths a lot of people do not realize or think of.