The Power

I remember hiking in Montana as I have many other places, just like it was yesterday. But what came to mind was a trail that led along Avalanche Creek that tumbles down and leads to Avalanche Lake. As I hiked along and took pictures I was not only mesmerized by the beauty, but I was taken in awe of the rocks along the creek. Coming off the waterfall and down through the creek, the rocks were smooth and carved away by the glacier water as it made its way downstream. Many times I have seen areas like this in other places, not to mention the Grand Canyon that was carved away many years ago. I have also seen boulders that are the size of a pickup truck that are moved along a creek or river by floodwaters, it gently reminds me of the true power of water.

I think about how something so beautiful can carve rocks like we would carve butter with a knife. How something so beautiful can be so deadly and damaging to things around it and in its path.

The power of water and nature is really an incredible thing to witness. It amazes me that something so magnificent and beautiful can change things so dramatically in an instant and how it can change things completely over time.

Point to Ponder:

We as humans can be just like the power of water. With all the love in our hearts and the beauty in our soul, we can carve away at people and things and be so damaging. Sometimes our words and actions can carve away the pain and leave something beautiful behind. Then at times, we can leave a trail of destruction and grief. We should always think about our actions and words and the power that they can have over another.

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Charlie Walker
Charlie Walkerhttps://www.facebook.com/cwinspireme/
At a young age, I worked as a structural steel welder walking red iron. Later I moved into the Telecom, Technology, and Physical Security Industry for the last 35 years as a Sr. Design Engineer, Network Engineer, Director, Operations Manager, and Technical Writer. My desires have always been with electronics, designing, CAD Drawings, and Technical writing. My true passion is the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, photographing nature, and sharing it with others. I am an avid outdoorsman, fly fishing guide, with a deep passion to write about my adventures. I enjoy writing inspirational quotes, articles on the history of creeks I fish, fly fishing conservation, and short stories along with a bit of poetry. As a child, I listened to old men in the General Stores telling stories of the past and their adventures. Some were real and some were as real as the imagination in their minds. Each day, I would run up there to listen to one of their adventures and would sit on the edge of my seat as if I were there, yearning for more. These growing up years led me to my own storytelling and eventually writing about my own adventures. Taking people to places and having them visualize things that they may have never seen. Telling tales that take them back to their own youth and adventures. Bringing stories that will warm the heart, educate them on the history of an area and bring a positive attitude to their lives. My desire as a writer is to open the minds of others that will enjoy the stories that are only limited by my imagination, but will bring a bit of peace, comfort, and harmony to the world. To leave them hanging on the edge and waiting for that next adventure, positive attitude, or story to warm the heart.


  1. Magnificent Charlie.
    I’ve always reflected on the thought that nature always wins. You cannot beat this power.
    What man keeps doing weather positive or negative will be over ridden by nature in the en. If we harness titis power of love…nature and us will nube as one🙏❤️ Thank you for this beautiful reflection and powerful reminder!