The Power of Reinvention

Reinvent. A powerful word…at least for me anyway. You might say it is my word for this next chapter of my life. A chapter that isn’t written yet, but has the framework to be something. My framework is sketched out in my mind. It’s both tangible and abstract. It’s cluttered one day and organized the next. Some days it taunts me and other days it cheers me on. It’s beautiful and ugly and quiet and loud. It’s stable and steady. But then, on other days, it’s fragile. And with each ounce of fragility, I am reminded of my strength, which eventually gains ground. And I am propelled forward and can see the framework becoming more than just a structure.

Reinvent, as defined by is “to remake or make over, as in a different form.” To remake or make over. I love the meaning of the word. I love the possibilities that are inherent in grabbing hold of this three-syllable word and making it your own. It’s reinventing the word by reinventing yourself. And we all long to do so from time to time, don’t we? I know I do. I also know that I struggle periodically with that framework that I mentioned above. I find myself wondering when, how, why and why not. And undoubtedly wondering at times “am I crazy?” But I still keep circling back in my persistence to figure out how.

I love the impact of the word “reinvent,” the power that it bestows when we embrace it, and the possibilities that it creates when we maximize it. It’s rather like embracing ourselves – the core of who we are and who we can be – and knowing that by doing so and by extending ourselves beyond the framework, there’s an opportunity to remodel.

We can reinvent. We can be. We can change our course (maybe even when we don’t realize that we are doing so.) But then one-day things are different. You are different. The chapter that you thought you wanted to write. Well, that’s different too. Maybe by choice and maybe not. That’s the beauty in the definition to me: that sometimes the things we have no control over are the very things that lead us to the place that perhaps we were supposed to be all along.

And so here I am thinking about and expounding on reinvention. It’s not the first time I’ve been here, and it certainly won’t be the last time (at least I hope not anyway). It’s a path that I have been seeking for a while – unknowingly led there out of grief but aware that in that grief my potential was unlocked. I believe that my creativity laid dormant until the moment that I needed it the most. And then, boom. It emerged. I emerged. Slowly, carefully, and with some hesitation. And as I nurture it and feed it, it becomes more of me.

Then, I begin to see the framework as something more than just a structure in my mind. What was once a sketch, begins to take form. It becomes more than an idea, a longing, a desire. It becomes a reality. And ever so slowly, I understand the mechanics in the word “reinvent”; and how you can take one slice of your life and transform it into something else. It’s like modeling clay into a form or filling your palette with colors that breathe life into a blank canvas. It’s bringing a stage alive with the magical movement of a dance or the enchantment of a song. Or writing words that can transport someone to a different place in time.

We all have ways to reinvent ourselves. Sure, on the surface we can change our hair, our clothes, our war paint (yes, that’s what I call my makeup). But it goes beyond what we can see, don’t you think? The ability is within us when we choose to say “yes” to that voice that is either gracefully courting us or naggingly nudging us.

So I ask you, fellow readers, how will you reinvent yourself? Who is that you want to be? What is that you wish to do? What is your word and what does it mean to you? Inquiring minds want to know. Or at least mine does anyway.

Laura Mikolaitis
Laura Mikolaitis
Laura is an intuitive dot connector who loves to weave tapestries of possibility by seeing beyond the symmetry. A life long learner and achiever, Laura isn't one to sit idle and jumps at any chance to learn something new, especially if it poses a challenge. She holds a Master of Science degree in Communications and Information Management from Bay Path University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from SUNY Oswego. Laura is known for her keen ability to deep dive, assess, and present solutions that work. She also believes that showing vulnerability doesn't mean that you are weak, lack confidence, or cannot get the job done. For Laura, it helps her understand on a deeper level and make meaningful connections, which enables her to establish lasting relationships and partnerships. Laura spent many years of her career in manufacturing and consumer packaged goods before leaping to textiles. She's tackled roles such as Brand Manager, Product Development Manager, Project Manager, and Director of Global Business Development and Sales Operations. Currently, Laura is on what she fondly refers to as a career interruption of opportunity, as she seeks out the next chapter of her life. Laura hails from Northern NY, but a tiny hill town in Massachusetts captured her heart years ago. She credits her writing, which laid dormant for years, to her late mom, who always believed in her. Inspired by millions of moments, Laura writes unabashedly from the heart. Whether it is poetry, fiction, or a personal essay, her love for the written word feeds her mind, body, and spirit. With a dash of hope and a sprinkle of faith, she is the little engine that could.


  1. I really appreciate how you lean into the dance, the struggle that this process of reinvention can be-how it can include a whole spectrum of feelings and experiences, Laura. Thank you for sharing this essay with all of us.

  2. Hi Laura: Just exquisite! I love the metaphor regarding the sketch. I imagine adding more details and painting lovely colors. Yes, the beauty of life and our imagination can help us create something new, a reinvention of ourselves. Thank you for this.?

    • Thank you, Darlene for your kind words. Life consists of many sketches, and each one is different depending on our life’s timeline. I wrote this article over two years ago, and it is interesting to me to re-read it now. I’m in a different space then I was when I wrote this, but I still believe in the power of reinvention. Although, along with that is a path of rediscovery.
      At the point I wrote this, I knew I was ready to move past where I was and find a new path. However, it would take a final nudge to open that door and lead me to where I am now. I am so glad that I leaped. Here’s to ever-evolving!

    • Thank you, Maureen. Each day offers us possibilities if our eyes, heart, and mind are open to them. It is freeing to unfold the layers of our life. For a long time, I let them lay stagnant. However, after I acknowledged the need for change and took active steps to do so, my entire mindset benefitted. I am thankful – even for the dark moments. Each step is a step toward possibility.



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