The Power of Purpose & Intention (Part III)

Day 8-10 – In Flow or Flux, “Go with the flow” as expressed by our teacher, to find your flow

Suffer in Silence or become Liberated in Sensation, this was my motivation to fully embed the practice. Life promises us joy and suffering. There will always be ebbs and flows, also referred to as ebb and floods. When the tide (flow/flood) rises with frustration, negativity, anger, suffering, and disharmony, we share our miseries with others. Yet we are not wired to disconnect, instead, it’s quite the opposite. As social beings, our natural inclination is to seek out connection.

The path to liberation is remaining calm and composed with whatever curveballs life throws us. Knowing and appreciating the impermanence of it all, pleasurable and non-pleasurable, but to avoid clinging to only the blissful states.

This was exactly the experience during Adhitthana, the sitting of strong determination, the pain and discomfort subsided rather swiftly, as I appreciated it was not permanent.


The Power of Purpose & Intention (Part II)

So how do we flip the script to rewrite the narrative of the victim mind movie playing on repeat? When we are living with our misery, we tend to invite everyone unwillingly into the disorder of our lives. We have to free ourselves from the bondages of suffering, by becoming silent. Research suggests humans are more inclined to accept torture than getting to know themselves, especially in silence. We would much rather direct energy to our fears, transgressions, pain, shame, and guilt, imprisoning ourselves to a life sentence of sorrow and unhappiness.

How do we pattern interrupt this chaotic flurry of self-limiting thoughts and behaviours?

Although we were advised to steer clear of using mantras or images when uncomfortable or even comfortable sensations showed up, I thought about a feel-good song called Good Vibrations performed by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, “It’s such a good vibration, It’s such a smooth sensation. Come on, Come on, Feel it, Feel it, Feel the vibration.” 

As a conscious change catalyst, I am passionately inspired to help others connect meaningfully and reach a level of self-leadership. In fact, for this very reason, I developed a method in my coaching practice called C.R.A.F.T which stands for Connected Relationships Amplify Future Transformation. The relationship with self being the most vital so that all other relationships may flourish. I had no idea that the Vipassana meditation course would reinforce this message in such a profound manner. Who would have thought that the path to liberation is through silence, respiration, and sensation right!

So in closing, I would love to leave you with some ways to be the Alchemist of your life. Be the Phoenix who rises each time amidst being in flames. Yes, you guessed it, these are my final closing acronyms for you to embody your WOW towards your greatest transformation.

There is always Wisdom of Wounds

We are all Warriors Overcoming Wounds

Enjoy the Wonderment Observing Wounds

Gratitude for indulging me in reading this far. Be the Legendary, Divine Sovereign being that you already are within, if you allow yourself to sail the stormy seas!

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Aneesa Theron
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  1. Great post, Aneesa.

    We all get injured and suffer from wounds with different levels of severity.

    Plants do. They regenerate the wounded part.
    Animals do and can generate whole body or parts of it.

    Our resilience to cope links to our abilities to renew wounded parts rapidly. You seem you found the secret formula my friend.