The Power of Potential

Very valuable and profound words of wisdom from Chris Morga and of what Humanity can truly turn into becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves!!

This is such an inspiration to us all !!

Can we be better? Yes !!

Can we do better? Yes !!

Can we unlock our full potential? Yes !!

Can we help others become better? Yes !!

Can we help others unlock their full potential? Yes !!

Why do we always put limits on our full potential? Is it because of what society tells us only what they want us to become? Are there people in society today who are afraid of the power that is inside us all? I believe that could be a possibility. But we should never be afraid or hide our true power or potential that we all have inside ourselves.

We should always embrace our power that is within us all to become a part of something bigger than ourselves!

I will never let anyone or anything stop me from becoming what I am meant to become! We should never let the powers that we see in others go without being use or shared with the world.  The power of potential is absolutely limitless.  So I will ask these questions to you all. Why don’t we unlock and unleash our full power of potential?

Is it because we chose not to use our full power?

Is it because we don’t know what our true power is?

Are we scared of using our power? 

Do we even know what is our greatest power is? 

Do we embrace our power? 

Do we see the greatest power in others and let that shine?

How do we keep our power from being extinguished? 

What is the fuel to our power? And can we share our power with others?

I dare to say that we have a huge opportunity now to unlock the power in ourselves and in others now more than ever before?  I will let these great words say it all !!

Here is the post from LinkedIn from Chris Morga. Thank you, Chris, for sharing this with us all.

That is The Power of Potential !!


Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman, Passionate Coalition Builder, CEO/Founder of Bringing Humanity Together, is always eager to share first hand, the story that inspired his powerful vision to humanely transform today’s workplace for the better. During his 35 years of experience spanning many different industries, Chris has seen the best and the worst of treatment from the leadership of companies for which he has worked, and has also noticed the effect poor treatment had on others. His unique vision to help positively shift the workplace paradigm led to the creation of Bringing Humanity Together: Bringing Humanity Into Business & Beyond, a powerful grassroots movement now also a business created through talking to other professionals and sharing his passion on the LinkedIn platform. Bringing Humanity Together seeks to be the voice and solution provider for employees who suffer from unfulfilling and derogatory treatment at the hands of their employers and for employers who recognize that a healthy company culture is key to their success. Chris believes the way to be an effective change agent is by offering support, advice, and empowerment to businesses who seek to shift their company culture for the better and to provide the same assistance to employees who need help navigating their unique situations as part of today’s workforce. Chris’s gift of expressing his passion and ability to build a coalition of professionals who embody the ‘service to others first’ mantra of living, has allowed him to assemble a powerful LinkedIn community of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders who are on this journey with him and willing to support him in this endeavor.

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