The Possibility of eRada (Episode 2)

After a long day in the candy shop in Sausalito, where the girl was learning to make truffles under the tutelage of a seasoned master, she continued telling me her story. That night she arrived home and made a beeline to her bed. She was sure she smelled the ocean yet felt no accompanying breeze on her face. She was unusually tired tonight and was ready for a long sleep.


The Possibility of eRada

Episode Two — Origins

She was dreaming now, in deep slumber.

She saw from somewhere high in the heavens above earth, something odd, yet somehow familiar.

Lights were flashing through the sky in various places at different times, at odd intervals.

Looking down from above, she thought she saw the makings of a game … a baseball game! It was! A sort of baseball game!

There were twelve players, and they were the twelve astrological constellations. They were immense, each covering miles and miles across the sky!

BAM! Taurus batted a sphere with lighted projectiles and began moving his great expanse across the sky.

As the image of the sphere with points expanded to fill her full field of vision, it looked like a little sun.

A ‘sunvirate’ she thought . as it was again batted, this time by Capricorn.

In her dream, she tracked the sunvirate through the heavens, and then it disappeared. The lights were no longer visible. It was gone.

A lucid dreamer she easily followed the tracks in the sky by moving her vantage point across the heavens, far above the game, by slightly leaning in the direction she wanted to go.

The movement was gentle like the controls of a large aircraft. A ‘slight lean’ and she glided to another vantage point of the game. Lean the other way, and slowly she glided back.

Capricorn hot-footed it across the heavens to stop at a small bright cluster of stars.

Aries was next up to bat. A new sunvirate appeared and the game went on.

Now dawn was breaking, and the girl began to awaken to start another day. Feet on the floor the dream slowly disappeared from her thoughts and was quickly replaced by getting ready for work.

Where did that sunvirate go?

Why is it important to this story?

Still wondering about the glass disc from episode one? It’s coming!

  • Citation same Ian Daniels
  • I drew the sunvirate in PowerPoint myself 😊

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