The Pleasure of Hurting Others

People do two things to gain pleasure or avoid pain. This is what Sigmund Freud suggested. The rising concern in modern society is doing awful things to get extreme pleasure by hurting others the most.

The recent painful reports show the extremes societies drag themselves into by seeking the pleasure of hurting others. A mother killed her three young children to cause maximum pain for her husband in retaliation for his seeking the pleasure of betraying her with her friend.

When retaliation becomes the source of maximum pleasure chaos prevails.

This is in accordance with what Harvey Lloyd commented recently;

History is a great place to harvest wisdom from foolishness (Chaos). Many leaders/Thinkers and events are on display of how they went from order to chaos and back to order. If we can focus on the reasoning and logic rather than fault, we may find a series of beliefs that can help us walk from chaos.

Retaliation is disorder and tolerance is order and we need to restore their balance; else, we shall end up in the darkness of chaos.

Are not wars an example of what I mean? The warriors get the maximum pleasure from causing extreme mass destruction and killing of the enemy. We observe this on all scales. Look at the fake news by anonymous or fake names publishing scandals about prominent people to get the pleasure of hurting those people.

It is the pleasure of destroying others that is likely to spark that could lead to a global fire.

We need to restore balance in our world. The way to do this is what Harvey Lloyd suggested and what also Samantha Bailey shared in a comment about a tweet she found accidentally. “’When you’re angry, sleep on it’. The morning can bring a different perspective and a realization that the cause of conflict can flow in more than one direction. Introspection and self-realization are helpful points to start examining and acknowledging one’s own weaknesses and vulnerabilities.”

The ease by which some people can publish and disseminate ill-intended information shows that those people react than respond. They allow their prevailing feelings of retaliation and agony to do the unthinkable.

Our world needs a period to pause and rethink what is going on if we are to avoid sliding down into the chaos deep and dark hole.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Unfortunately Ali some (not a few) guys (youtubers in Theborderline) upload original YouTube videos in a sort of personal show with increasingly absurd challenges. That boy earned 188,000 euros in a year with this system and with that much money he can afford to rent such an expensive car. And he thinks, after killing a five-year-old boy in that cognitive impairment contest, he multiplied his followers.
    Where were the parents who knew full well that he earned money through YouTube and wondered how, and what use he made of it.
    And whoever rented such an expensive car to such a young boy could ask himself a few questions.
    It’s an upside down world. How to stop this drift?
    In addition to the school, which must return to the protagonist in education, the educational barrier of parents and adults is indispensable. Without this indispensable filter, for some young people it is thick fog or even pitch dark.

  2. Beautiful article.
    Topics like these offer very interesting food for thought.
    I agree with everything written but I would like to make a reflection: the solutions indicated are absolutely useful and the intentions are certainly effective. The problem is that reason, logic, awareness of one’s own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, control of emotions and feelings are, unfortunately, “virtues” less and less frequented and in any case belong to educated, aware, common sense, compassionate people.
    A few days ago in my city, a group of young people ( between 16 and 19 years old) with a high-powered luxury car, hit another car driven by a lady who had recently picked up the child from school : the child died and th e mother is in serious condition. Those young people were “youtubers”, paid to shoot extreme videos to be posted on YouTube, they went 120km per hour on a road with a limit of 30, close to supermarkets and school, at one hour of peak traffic. Those guys earn, with this system, 188 euros in one year!?! They had rented that car.
    I also wonder where the parents were, who rented a Lamborghini to these young people?
    Today such cases are not uncommon. Success and self-esteem of some young people now depend on virtual recognition.
    The problem is the human being, who is far from being that noble and generous animal in nature, today so corrupted by technology and society.

    • Your story of the unfortunate s saddening, Aldo. The story in consistent with your excellent added thought “The problem is that reason, logic, awareness of one’s own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, control of emotions and feelings are, unfortunately, “virtues” less and less frequented and in any case belong to educated, aware, common sense, compassionate people.”

      The question is how come such a young boy owns a luxury car? What did he achieve in life to have such a car?
      We are spoiling the generation and no wonder they do not value what they did not sweat for.