The Paradigm Shift

We are currently transitioning through unprecedented times. For the past year and a half, the massive turbulence caused by the pandemic has been overwhelming. I must say it is commendable how the medical fraternity has been working relentlessly to cope up with this challenge.

However, it is not a coincidence that entire humanity globally has been facing the impact simultaneously. Maybe it’s pointing to something radical.

Einstein said everything in life is vibration. All things in the universe, including you, me and even the objects appearing stationery are all vibrating and resonating at different frequencies. And vibrations are caused by energy.

So how about looking at the current scenario from the energy and vibrations perspective?

Earth’s vibrational frequency used to average 7.83 Hz, also known as Schumann’s Resonance. Research shows that 7.83 Hz is also the human brainwave frequency in the Alpha /Theta state. This is the relaxed state of the human mind in which cell regeneration and healing happen.

According to scientific studies, in the last 2 decades, the earth’s vibrational frequency has been found to be increasing, and especially in the last 2 years, it has become multiple times what it used to be.

The outcome is a significant gap between the earth’s vibrational frequency and that of our brainwaves. Variations in Schumann Resonance are known to impact the synchronization between the human brain and heart, and also change melatonin levels. This is one of the prime reasons that an increased number of people have been going through feelings of restlessness, anxiety, uncertainly, insecurity, depression, sadness, and decreased levels of immunity.

Maybe we can understand this better by using the analogy of a roller-coaster ride. Knowing that the rides are absolutely safe and we willingly go on them with excitement, yet there is a certain experience of nervousness, a pounding heart, and butterflies in the stomach. The sharp curves, sudden changes in speed and direction, the freefall, the steep incline, etc. during the ride are all causing an abrupt change in the force experienced by our internal organs, and that is what leads to the mixed array of experiences and feelings we have.

Now can you imagine how the experience of earth’s increasing vibrational frequencies which are not even visible to the eye, could be affecting our internal organs? It is indeed a phenomenon beyond the bandwidth of our current awareness.

This brings us to the question, “What could be the purpose of earth’s vibrational frequency increasing?”

Over the years, many of us have been intending for a better humanity that has more authenticity, acceptance, empathy, oneness, harmony, and unconditional love. That means what we have been intending for is a PARADIGM SHIFT. In all probability, the purpose of the increasing vibrational frequency of the earth is to facilitate that paradigm shift.

If that be so, how come what we are experiencing, in reality, is contrary to that? Life is seeming more challenging and even uncertain.

Well, the earth’s vibrational frequency has been increasing, but what about our brainwave frequency? To experience that paradigm shift in reality and get its innumerable benefits, we need to align ourselves to earth’s increased vibrations.

We need to learn to raise our energy frequency, which will enable us to experience quantum healing at all levels. It indeed requires a healed humanity to move into an evolved collective consciousness that many of us have been intending for. This will provide us the space in which our consciousness expands and we experience a quantum leap in our manifesting powers for prosperity, success, evolvement, joy, and love.

As humanity, we are being called upon to be the co-creators along with planet earth and establish this paradigm shift within us.


Rita Chadha
Rita Chadha
“Fifth Element is the imperceptible vital energy that permeates all nature, and creates Alchemy of Mind, Body, and Soul.” Rita founded Fifth Element with the mission of utilising this vital energy for the transformation of suffering and struggle into joy, leadership, success, and prosperity in the professional and personal arena. Rita is a Leadership Coach, Life Coach, and Mentor. She strongly believes that Life does not happen to you, YOU create it. Your Inner World is the main arena of creation, and life situations are merely the projection. She emphasises the need to have a leadership mindset for optimizing your ability to achieve and exceed professional/personal goals. Her intuitive Coaching style is unique with deep listening and the ability to hold the space for her clients that encourages them to be empowered into accountability and collaboration leading to phenomenal growth. Her energetic yet easy demeanour makes people relax and authentically share themselves. Her ability to make herself easily vulnerable in the sessions and her wisdom, empathy, and understanding make it easy for people to dig within and speak their innermost thoughts and deepest stored emotions. The professionalism with which the deeply rooted storage of so many non-progressive past experiences is given a closure helps people in moving forward like a leader. She is high on Integrity and connectedness and loves to experiment with the intriguing and limitless dynamics of the human mind potential. She realises that it is often not comfortable for people to accept some hidden parts and patterns. To make the process easier, she utilises a multidimensional approach. Coaching is an Inside-out transformation where shifts happen inside. Rita simultaneously utilises Feng Shui Consultancy for the living and working premises as an Outside-in transformation. Shifting the energy in their environment becomes instrumental in the transformation of the intrinsic behaviour patterns of the individual/s and shows up as enhanced quality of life experiences, making their journey easier. An additional benefit is that it impacts all the aspects of business and all the people therein. The outcome is extraordinary, sustainable, and results in exponential growth.

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  1. Hi Rita,

    Interesting post and a lot to assimilate. I wonder if the earth’s vibrational frequency has been increasing when humans are devastating the earth with mining, pollution, excavations, consuming its resources and even using the most damaging weapons to earth.

    I do not hope for the human vibrational frequency to increase if it does for the same reasons that increased those of earth.

    Thank you for your sharing the post

    • Hi Ali

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      Schumann’s resonance is the measure of earth’s vibrational frequency, and the increasing frequency has been recorded. More than how it could be happening, what we need to ponder over is how it is potentially impacting us.

      Like you said the way we humans have been devastating the earth in multiple ways is a matter of concern. That is where our role comes in.

      For the human vibrational frequency to increase, how many of us have an intent for it and are willing to take necessary actions?
      How many of us are willing to believe that each one of us matters, and our contribution to humanity can make a difference?
      How many of us believe that each one of us is Humanity, not a part of it?

      I do. And I also believe that a lot many people do. I am very hopeful for great times ahead. The more number of people consciously start moving in that direction, the faster we will see the shift.

      We are the world, you and me included.

  2. Thanks indeed Jim for reading and commenting.

    I do understand your dilemma, if I may call it so, regarding the shared collective consciousness. This is a topic very dear to me, and I wonder if I can do justice to my reply here. Let me try.

    Firstly our consciousness is not limited by the boundaries of this physical body. It goes way beyond. So there is always an overlap happening of our consciousness with that of the others. This is how the shared collective consciousness gets created.

    It definitely is a matter of concern that a huge majority of people are not even present to this aspect and obviously do not feel responsible for their role in the larger picture. This is not a concept to be understood. It needs to be experienced. So more than intellect, what is required is a willingness.

    The miracle you are talking about is to be brought about by us together. For that we need the critical mass of consciously aware people. I feel very strongly about this.

    I would be willing to discuss this over a zoom call if you are interested.


  3. I totally agree with your thesis. But I get terribly stuck when I try to imagine the world coming to a state of shared collective consciousness. There are too many variables too deeply entrenched in the human psyche for that, in my opinion, to happen. Then there are all the people who simply do not have the intellect to even understand what would be required. I pray for a miracle that would bring that collectivity about.