The Opposite of Truth isn’t Lying, Truth Just Is

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.

—Elie Wiesel

After seeing the above quote recently,  I got to thinking about it in the context of truth. I was reflecting yesterday about when I first worked with Piers Thurston and heard him say “it feels real and isn’t true”.

I considered how this phrase can get a reaction from egoic thoughts, self-referential thoughts, or what I call sandbank thoughts.

When we think we’re being told that something that’s happened in our life isn’t true – in fact that everything that’s happened in our life isn’t true – the automatically assumed implication (at that level of egoic thought) is that we’re lying.

I guess in some ways it is a lie we’re telling ourselves if we believe something absolutely definitely happened the way we think it did. But it also occurred to me that the opposite of Truth isn’t actually a lie – there is no opposite to Truth, not when we’re talking capital T Truth. It just is.

No opposites, no opposition, no for or against, no sides that can be taken, no differing perspectives of it.

Therefore anything that happens in this world of form isn’t True. By definition, it can’t be, because every ‘thing’ has at least one opposite, a duality. No ‘thing’ is 100% agreed-upon by everybody, therefore no Truth can be found.

So then what are we arguing for?

Next time you say ‘it’s true, they really did do x, y, or z’. Is it true? Really? Is there no different perspective on it at all? Or next time you think someone’s lying…I wonder who would decide whether it’s a lie or not. Who could determine that absolutely definitely, lying was happening?

And if Truth isn’t the opposite of lying, what is… Is there one? Maybe lying is a temporary experience in the presence of opposition to my own, or your own, (little t) truth in that moment. And in the next moment, something changes — one of us changes our view — and then lying doesn’t exist anymore.

Seems to me there are a myriad of perspectives on any thing in any moment, and which can change in any moment, so maybe let’s stop pinning our well-being on trying to find Truth in this world, and realise the only constant, non-opposed Truthful experience is that of Awareness.

Have you ever known anything else absolutely definitely than the fact of Awareness? Has anyone ever had a different experience of it than anyone else?

If you think you have, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to explore that with you.

With love, Helen

Helen Amery
Helen Ameryhttp://wildfigsolutions.co.uk/
Reconnecting you to innate brilliance for a more fulfilling life. Disillusionment happens when, things that we took to be true, start to look less so. People, belief systems, ways of working, societal norms. As these cracks, in reality, start to show we often look around to see what else is available to make sense of this, and these moments provide the opportunity for great change and the ability to step into a whole new and fresh experience of life. I work with disillusioned people who’ve worked hard all their lives to climb the career ladder, increase their income, who got the family and the house and the car and…then they look around and realise something’s still missing. They don’t feel more fulfilled. They don’t feel successful. They don’t feel secure. Sometimes these things have even become worse. My career has developed through commercial HR into psychology-based coaching, and now my work goes beyond psychology to the fundamental truths behind our human experience. This is the final shift in perspective that frees us from the imagined limitations we’ve gathered through life and reconnects us to our innate brilliance. It’s the direct path that other development can meander us to. From here we find fulfilment, security and a feeling of success – and we find we’re able to enjoy everything we already had, and new things, in an entirely fresh way. My business is called Wild Fig Solutions because the Wild Fig has the deepest roots in the world and I always cared about getting to the heart of what was going on. Now this work is really that as it reconnects us to our heart at the deepest level and naturally rebalances us so that we use the brilliance of our head in the way it works best. I work with clients online, in one-to-one and group coaching programmes, to help them reconnect to their innate brilliance. See my book here: Let’s Get Honest About: Work