The Office Stock Take: What You Need To Succeed

So you have set up a business that needs to be run from an office. Thousands do. There are many businesses that need offices to function, but what makes the office function? There are various things you need regardless of what the business actually is. Some are more obvious, yet others are less so. This article can help you along, picking it things you may have forgotten. You may have already taken care of some, but read on, just in case there is something pretty major you have forgotten to include.

The average office stationery is a must, Staples, printer ink, that kind of stuff. Make sure you order in bulk for savings, but also don’t order too many. Your business will be vulnerable at first, meaning you need to keep costs down. Just get some of the more important things like pens, look at using the 9×12 envelope, then things like pen holders for desk tops. Stock up on paper if you are going to use it. Try not to though, it is expensive and really bad for the environment. You need to look at desks themselves. There can be expensive but if you buy in bulk you are likely to get them cheaper.

Now you need the computers. Consider a business analyst. Using one of these can cost money but you’ll make it back in money saved. They will tell you the exact number of computers you need, what servers and networking will be best and finally what software you need to run your business. You don’t want to buy too many or purchase software you may not need. You also don’t want to forget anything. An analyst can help you in this regard. Some are more expensive than others so shop around for the best bet. You can find freelance analysts here, it is just a case of checking each one for the price and their experience.

Look to your internet and phone providers, as a business you could get a better deal. Shop around and don’t settle until you find something good. Cover blind spots in your office by using wi-fi boosters. This way you won’t get disgruntled workers and the productivity will stay high. If the internet speed is really important to you then pay for the higher speeds, again, test the office and ensure that everyone has the same access to it otherwise discontent could spread. If there are certain rooms that really struggle then make them the break room or storage rooms of sorts instead of office stations.

You also need great office chairs. Staying with productivity they can ensure you and your staff don’t experience back or shoulder pain and are able to continue working. For the better chairs you will have to pay a little more money, but it will pay off big time. Your staff will like it because you are seen to be caring for them and they will be comfortable and it also limits work based distractions too. Both are important, again, buy in bulk for better savings.


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