The New Trend Is Merging of Emerging Trends

This post suggests the observation of trends and their strengths so that we may merge two trends or more creatively to achieve great results.

Trends are directional and if strong with stay for some time and are less volatile than indicators. This post will show by examples the value of merging emerging trends and the emerging opportunities they provide for us to capture fruitfully.

Why merging trends?

I discussed in my presentation on Trends Spillover Effects some emerging trends and their spillover effects.

Source: my presentation ⤵︎

Examples of emerging trends include the shift to less is more and the potential this trend opens to us. One trend is the arrival of driverless cars and its effects on mechanics, spare parts, accidents, insurance companies, and parking issues.

This post identifies more of the recent trends and discusses the value of merging the emerging trends in selected sectors such as in medical services, education, and business. Identifying strong trends means we have less volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and volatility. Walking “in trends” is less dark than walking to the future without them.

We may be better if we opt for strong trends because of their possibilities to stay with us for a while. We have examples of measuring the strength of trends of stock markets as we may benefit from them to predict the strength of emerging trends.

We need also to realize that strong trends may generate emerging trends that are for the observant eyes to notice as early as possible. I gave examples of such hidden and yet-to-be-seen emerging trends in my post “For Every Trend There Is an Opposite Trend”.

A shining example of merging trends

The recent coronavirus crisis and the lockdown policies adopted in most countries have forced people to work from home. This need has spillover effects because in spite of the drawbacks of social distancing people also benefited from needing to travel and got more time to engage with families.

The need to work from home resulted in the increasing trend merging the physical world with the virtual world and the daughter trends and applications resulting as spillover trends in several sectors.

The need to stay together and you shall never walk alone has spurred the merging of the two worlds and this trend offers many exciting possibilities.

Emerging trends

E-commerce, training and teaching, medical care, and hospitality are examples of the new trend of livestream.

E-commerce sales rise by 30% from 2019 to 2020, a pattern that looks to continue well into the future. This trend has also led to the new trend of m-commerce (mobile commerce). Livestream shopping is an emerging trend that combines livestreaming with the ability to purchase products directly from the livestream. You may comment or ask a host of the livestreaming to show different colors and demonstrate live a cosmetic product. Even more, some companies added make-up tutorials for customers on the livestream. The benefit of the livestream goes up and here the possibilities are great with their potential

The idea is to combine the best features of the physical and virtual worlds together.

Medical care– this is another trend of applying the major trend of mixing the physical and digital worlds together. Livestreaming of surgeries also helps in training new surgeons and cuts the cost and time needed for training. This also helps in uncovering the pitfalls and amending them while operating. It also allows for surgeons and specialists to discuss alive together emergent cases. New trends help in cutting down the unnecessary visits of relatives and the medical staff is less distracted by such visits. This reference is rich in expanding more possibilities that exist for hospitalization.

Livestreaming in Education– As with training in hospitals so is education and training needs in various sectors such as marketing and sales. This is a vastly growing potential. For the interested readers, I refer them to this reference on “8 Ways Live Streaming for Education Is Going to Change the Future of Learning

Conclusion– The main wave of merging physical and virtual worlds together rare creating sub-waves of other emerging sub-trends that need monitoring to capitalize on them in a timely manner. The merging of emerging trends offers great possibilities.

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