The New Leaf of Your Leadership

We are in a new year with the perfect time to turn over a new leaf of your leadership. It is truly head-spinning to see how quickly time goes by. This leaves us all with a choice. The choice to change or to stay the same. In what ways will you turn over a new leaf?

How will you treat yourself and others? What will you do to lift others up at home and at work? Will you make tough decisions you have been putting off? How will your leadership change?

Recently, my husband and I had to make the tough decision to transfer our daughter to a new school that would better meet her needs. She is a junior in high school, and she has some special needs. She is also a new driver, and we wanted her to be closer to home.

Was this a hard decision to make? In some ways, it was, and in some ways, we felt called to make it. Our daughter will be turning over a new leaf in the new year and so will we. With a new school means a new community to embrace. With a new school means a new mindset. With a new school means we all learn new ways of doing things.

Our hope is that she will continue to grow in new and different ways for the last part of her high school experience. Our hope is that she will turn over many new and enlightening leaves that will continue to reveal her purpose and her talents.

We are the leaders in our homes. We decided to uplift our daughter and stretch her in the new year. I have no doubt, we will also do the same.

After I reviewed my successes last year, I wondered why my list wasn’t longer. It felt like I accomplished and did a lot! Then, I remembered: I left off all my kids’ accomplishments from that list. Why? As a mother of four kids ages 9-16, I facilitate many of the things they achieve. After remembering this, I realized why I felt like I had done so much. It’s because I helped them along their journey to accomplishments. This move to a new school is just one more thing my husband and I facilitated. It belongs on our list too.

What news leaves will you turn over this year as a leader at home or work? Is there something you left off your list of accomplishments last year that you will now add back on? Please do share.


Heather Younger
Heather Younger
Heather Younger gets it. As a best-selling author, international TEDx speaker, podcast host, facilitator, and Forbes Coaches Council coach, she has earned her reputation as “The Employee Whisperer”. Her experiences as a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, attorney, writer, coach, listener, speaker, collaborator and mother all lend themselves to a laser-focused clarity into what makes employees of organizations and companies – large and small - tick. Heather has facilitated more than 150 workshops, reaching +100 employers and their employees. Her motivation and philosophy have reached more than 20,000 attendees at her speaking engagements on large and small stages. Companies have charted their future course based on her leading more than 100 focus groups. In addition, she has helped companies see double-digit employee engagement score increases through the implementation of her laws and philosophies. She has driven results in a multitude of industries, including banking, oil & gas, construction, energy, and federal and local government. Heather brings a tenacious and inspirational outlook to issues plaguing the workforces of today. Her book “The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty” hit the Forbes Must-Read list and is a go-to source for HR professionals seeking insight into their organization's dynamics. Heather’s writing can also be found on her blog at EmployeFanatix, as well as articles in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, American Express Open Forum, and more. Coupled with her Leadership with Heart podcast, weekly videos, and employer newsletters, Heather stays connected to organizations long after she leaves the stage or conference roomWhen all the emails are returned and the mic is turned off, and Heather acts as co-manager of her busy household in Aurora, Colorado with her husband, where they oversee their four children.

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  1. Heather, thank you for sharing your article. In terms of leadership at home, it is only my wife and myself so there is no leader. For work, I am an Independent Executive Recruiter and as such, I am the chief cook and bottle washer so there is no leader here.