The New Agreements For Leaders

It is said that one form of mastery is making the complex simple and easy for the user. For example, the incredibly complex technology that makes an iPhone work is made elegantly simple and easy for the user. In this little book, we are going to see complexity made elegantly simple and effective in leadership. While many have defined what makes good leaders, few have presented an actual process of becoming a good or even great leader. The process of becoming something better requires growth both personally and professionally. As most of us know, transformation for human beings is often difficult. We want to be different, expanded, better, but seem to unconsciously fall back into old familiar patterns. Emerging and even seasoned leaders face the same challenges when it comes to transforming themselves into the best leaders they can be.There is a second challenge to becoming a great leader which has been virtually invisible. It is the legacy paradigms or models for leadership themselves. We have, for the most part, defined leadership and management within the legacy top/down, directive model that long ago was made obsolete by a higher-level leadership paradigm, systems-based leadership. The reason for the emergence of this higher-level leadership paradigm is simple. Systems-based leadership creates more value in businesses than its predecessor. Stuck in the old model, we see even good execution often resulting in less-than-optimal management, leadership, and outcomes. However, this book is not about either top/down or systems-based leadership models. It is about a quantum leap to a new, higher-level leadership model: The New Agreements for Leaders. Becoming a great leader is an inspiring and profound journey. Shall we begin? Welcome to The New Agreements for Leaders.


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David Dibble
David Dibblehttps://thenewagreements.com/
As a 24-year-old, I founded a company with $5000 and built it into a $10M business with 200 employees. I was an early adaptor in the quality movements of the late 1970s and early 1980s, often speaking to business groups on the subject. Since 1990, I’ve been doing consulting and training, teaching leaders and managers how to be better in their roles, resulting in much higher performing businesses. My life’s work is embodied in The New Agreements for Leaders training, a systems-based paradigm shifting leadership and management model that creates significantly more value in businesses than traditional models. My latest book (I’ve written five) is The New Agreements for Leaders. The engine for implementation of this model is the 7 Tools for emerging leaders and managers. Importantly, the use of 7 New Agreements Tools for leaders and managers actually grows good and even great leaders and managers. For eight years, I worked directly with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling The Four Agreements and prior to that studied both the physical science of change and the spiritual science of transformation. I’m now living in Napa with Linda, my wife of 46 years, so we can be close to our children and grandchildren. I’m learning to drink wine out of a glass rather than a pitcher and still enjoy a bad round of golf now and again.