The Most Popular Social Networking Sites For IT Businesses

Social media sites allow businesses and brands to connect with their customers directly. Gone are the days of one-way communications; you can’t expect to have a successful social media presence by sharing promotional offers all the time. The social media sites themselves are valued differently by different brands.

For an IT business, some social media sites work better than others. Using the popular social networking sites we are about to cover in this article will help you expand your business and connect with more potential customers.


Facebook remains the top social media site to use in many industries, including information technology. Having a Facebook Page is a must, especially if your IT business caters to retail customers. Facebook has a lot of tools that help your business reach new people and connect with industry experts.

One of the strengths of Facebook is its vast number of users. Almost everyone is on Facebook, so not tapping into this potential exposure is a mistake. You also have plenty of room for customization. Your Facebook Page can be filled with information that the audience will love.


LinkedIn is the second most popular social networking site for IT businesses. It is a social media site for professionals, so it is not difficult to imagine how being on LinkedIn allows you to connect with industry experts, key decision makers, and potential customers.

When it comes to social media for business, LinkedIn has all the tools and resources you need. It has an internal advertising network that allows you to target other IT professionals and those in charge of making IT-related decisions. This is perfect for when you need to target business customers.

LinkedIn also lets your employees be part of your social media strength. Each employee linked to the main company page can act as a brand ambassador for your business. Add careful planning and a comprehensive campaign, and you have a powerful way of boosting social media presence.


Twitter isn’t an obvious choice when it comes to social media sites for IT businesses, but it is a social media that works really well in one department: quick interactions. Through Twitter, you can connect with users for your products and services directly, have short conversations or exchanges, and even offer customer support.

The latter can help you improve your customer experience. Customers who are on Twitter are highly engaged when they know they can get good customer support on the platform. As an answer to this trend, the best helpdesk software now supports processing support requests from Twitter and other social media sites.

Another great thing about Twitter is how candid it is. Tech brands like Dbrand and OnePlus are taking advantage of the casual nature of Twitter to really build a strong relationship with their audience. Most of the followers of these brands are real fans and they are treated as such.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose one social media or the other. You can combine the strengths of each platform to really maximize your online presence. Start with these three sites.

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