The Most Basic Fact Everyone Forgets

I was flipping through photos this morning when I came across this one with Teddy. Teddy was hoping for some of the popcorn we’d made that day for the photoshoot. He passed away only a few weeks later on New Year’s Eve 2018. It was sooo hard to let go. He’d been such a fun-loving fixture in our lives.

Nine months went by and on November 2, 2019, we adopted two new bulldogs, Moose & Milo. They have brought us a ton of joy these past six and a half weeks, and they’ve sparked a lot of memories of Teddy.

Too often we forget this basic fact:

Everything we experience is seasonal and transient.

When we remember that nothing is permanent… it changes our perspective, our attitude, and our experience. We can enjoy and savor the happy highs more, and we can lean into the painful lows and know these too shall ease. We can love on our precious peeps just a little harder and let go of transgressions and hurts just a little faster. We can practice patience, with ourselves and others. We can choose to honor the miracle of living our full life.

Look around you. All of it is temporary. All of it. Who or what might you need to let go of to ease your pain? Who or what might you give the gift of your attention and full presence this holiday season to brighten your spirit and fill your heart?



AmyK Hutchens
AmyK Hutchens
A former executive of a billion-dollar global consumer products company and awarded the Vistage UK, International Speaker of the Year, AmyK is a dynamic, energetic catalyst for driving businesses forward faster. With 100+ presentations per year, AmyK travels the globe sharing with executives, influencers and go-getters HOW to confidently & competently navigate their toughest conversations without saying something they regret, giving their power away or damaging their relationships. With humor, insight and experience she engages and inspires audiences to master the The Power of Profitable Conversations. Learn more about AmyK at Follow AmyK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @AmyKHutchens.


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Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson

AmyK , I completely agree with you that everything we see or have are temporary. What we have today including life we may not have. Life puts you on what seems like an inescapable rollercoaster. Enjoy the good times if you can. Pain is inevitable in one form or another. We can only deal with it the best way we can. You have a great outlook. Happy New Year.

Susan Rooks
Susan Rooks

Everything surely is temporary, AmyK!

I lost my beautiful Italian greyhound, Abby, about six weeks ago (she was only 14), and because she had cancer, I had known her time with us was limited. Her companion, Gibbs, was devastated; it’s impossible to explain to a dog where the other one went and why she’s no longer with us! They had been with me six years, and likely together in their earlier lives (rescues, so can’t be positive).

Depressed doesn’t begin to cover how he acted. Flat-out miserable. Shaking.

It took me about a week to make the leap, but I found a perfect dog for Gibbs and me. Duke has been with us now for about a month, and he’s a joy! A tiny Chihuahua, he’s full of spunk.

Some friends were surprised at how quickly I went hunting for one like him … but I had known Abby had a limited time left, so I made the best of those last days and mourned her at the same time.

I know your new little ones, Moose and Milo, give you great joy, as they should.

Yup, right this instant is all we have; let’s remember to make the most of every one!



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