The Miracle of God’s Rock Christmas “2004”


Pick up a rock what do you see
You hold a miracle God’s gift indeed
It can be so simple if you just believe
Or use your will and give it a squeeze
Now open your hand and you will see
You can’t make sand out of me
So count your blessings
One, two, and three
They will never end
When you follow
Patrick Cagley © 2004

This is the Verse my Brother Pat Wrote that became part of God’s Miracle Christmas “2004” while my husband Bob was in critical condition in ICU. We bagged this verse up with a polished rock in small plastic bags and handed them out in ICU in Iowa City at the University Hospital that Christmas of “2004.” We did well over a thousand of them. Everyone that came to visit helped bag God’s Rock during that time.

My sister-in-law Justine, my niece Rachael and Patrick my brother, and I were there through it all. I remember my nephew Luke and my sister-in-law Susie came to visit and Luke jumped right in to bag God’s Rock. We had plenty of bags and printed slips of God’s Rocks, but we had run out of the polished rocks we had bought to use. So, everyone went outside for fresh air and when they came back my nephew Luke started emptying his pockets. He kept taking rocks out of his huge trench coat. I smiled at him and said where did you find all of those? He replied, “Outside.” My brother Pat said, “I don’t know where he found those! I haven’t seen any rocks out there laying around anywhere.” I just smiled and continued to bag up the rocks.

You cannot imagine the good feeling it gave not only us but also all that took one and read it and took hope from it. Families were taking the rocks and taping them in their loved ones’ rooms. There was a guy one day that looked like a truck driver with his long gray beard, he stood tall and lanky as he spoke to us in a deep voice and we asked him, “Did you get one of God’s Rocks?” He patted his pocket smiled and said, “Nothing had happened for them in days in the ICU. He said, “when I took that rock into my uncle’s room, I started singing a familiar song to him and he started to sing with me. That was the first signs of life we had seen from him in days.”  We knew then that God had given us another Miracle in ICU. The Guy told us he believed it was the rock that caused this change. We told him it was the belief behind God’s Rock not the rock itself. The rock is so small and yet so huge! God’s Rock Indeed did work miracles in those days! This is the belief we all stood on in all those days in ICU!

This is just one of my Testimonies of Faith in those long days in Iowa City where my husband Bob was fighting for his life. 

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Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Cagley
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