The Marketing Techniques You’re Still Not Using

Every business and their dog knows that in order to be successful, they need to have the best marketing techniques in place. Unluckily for some, marketing techniques have developed far beyond what a layman can keep up with, and as such it’s not enough to have an ad-hoc approach to an aspect of your business that might make or break its success. Spend enough time studying the marketing practices of many small to medium businesses, and you’ll soon see that the majority are deploying the bare minimum marketing tactics. It should come as no surprise if their tweet about their opening hours received a token level of engagement and no click throughs. It’s not enough.


Engaging Content

Setting up your own website blog and a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and possibly Pinterest is a great way to get going in the world of digital marketing. Unfortunately, this is where most people stop thinking. When you have these pages set up, you need to post engaging content. That is, you can’t just post generic content about your business, it has to offer something more. I am constantly amazed how little visual marketing is used, even by larger companies. It has been shown again and again and again that internet users respond to visual content, be it videos, pictures, or infographics. Keep your content fresh and on point by using different ways of communicating and you should see a noticeable improvement.

Talking Directly To Your Visitors, About the Issues They Care About

I hate to break it to you, but your customer has nowhere near the level of interest in your company as you do. If they’re going to spend some time browsing the blog part of your website, it won’t be because they want to learn about the exciting things you have lined up for your business: they’ll stay because what they read is in some way relevant to them. For example, a post about a new member of staff would receive three clicks: one from the member of staff, and one each from their mother and partner. A law firm marketing blog that offered advice on how to arrange a prenuptial agreement would get many views, as would an e-commerce clothes company who posted about the upcoming spring fashion trends. Implied in those blogs is an authoritative voice; it’s stealth advertising, one that is mutually beneficial to the company and customer.

Diversifying Sources

The clicks that come through to your website should come from a variety of sources. Don’t make Facebook do all the work, because that won’t cover the whole swaths of people who don’t fit the traditional Facebook profile. Your clicks should come through Twitter and other social media outlets, and also email. Email! Too few companies engage in email marketing, and it makes no sense whatsoever, because it might just be the most effective method of all. It’s a bit more tricky to get right, but spend some time working on it and you could see big rewards.

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