The Lost Art of Connecting Dots: Part Eighteen

With COVID faux vaccines, boosters, mandates, protests against faux vaccine mandates, the declining effectiveness of faux vaccines, and all manner of government duplicity and hypocrisy running rampant, most of you have to be thinking the last thing we need is a new drug. Fear not.

Despite the best efforts of DUMBASS (Dangerous Ubiquitously Manipulative Boneheads Advancing Settled Science) and DIPSHIT (Drug Imperatives Presage Shameless Hypocrites In Tyranny) to thwart me, I’ve been working to develop the Universal Antidote. And here it is:

I’mallset is an effective remedy for any number of contemporary maladies, which include but need not be limited to:

  • Settled Science — whether it’s the bullshit that passes for proof of anthropogenic climate change, the bullshit that passes for the efficacy of vaccines that are already proving their ineffectiveness (to say nothing of harmfulness), or the bullshit constituted by vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine card mandates, vaccine passport mandates, or any other manifestations of centralized control, exploitation, and wealth re-distribution.
  • Hypocrisy — whether it’s the parade-length, gasoline-powered, carbon-emitting motorcade of the President of the United States at COP26, the Glasgow Climate Change Summit (to say nothing of the exhaust-belching jets that flew many of the attending chuckleheads to Scotland), the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases changing the content on his website in an attempt to hide the fact that his agency funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or the government immunizing Big Pharma from legal culpability for any and all deleterious effects of its leaky (think French fry basket) faux vaccines.

  • Big Brother — whether it’s the government colluding with social and news media to establish and control narratives and/or to censor or shadow ban perspectives it doesn’t like (See, “Truth”, Empirical Observation”, “Objectivity”, “Common Sense”, et al.), the monitoring of all financial transactions of $600 or more, or when the government prescribes acceptable language and proscribes particular words and phrases.

If you’re feeling unwell from any of that shit — or manifest any of the myriad other symptoms of The Great Global Unhinging — take two I’mallset tablets and trust yourself in the morning.

We’ll only be as sick as we let ourselves be.


Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brien
I’m a business owner. My company — O’Brien Communications Group (OCG) — is a B2B brand-management and marketing-communication firm that helps companies position their brands effectively and persuasively in industries as diverse as: Insurance, Financial Services, Senior Living, Manufacturing, Construction, and Nonprofit. We do our work so well that seven of the companies (brands) we’ve represented have been acquired by other companies. OCG is different because our business model is different. We don’t bill by the hour or the project. We don’t bill by time or materials. We don’t mark anything up. We don’t take media commissions. We pass through every expense incurred on behalf of our clients at net. We scope the work, price the work, put beginning and end dates on our engagements, and charge flat, consistent fees every month for the terms of the engagements. I’m also a writer by calling and an Irish storyteller by nature. In addition to writing posts for my company’s blog, I’m a frequent publisher on LinkedIn and Medium. And I’ve published three books for children, numerous short stories, and other works, all of which are available on Amazon under my full name, Mark Nelson O’Brien.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head Mark. The exploitation and politicization of this pandemic is nothing less than a gross, unconstitutional abuse of power. This is exactly why I praised BC-360 in my latest article… because we are still free to exercise our opinions here on this platform. Unfortunately the thought police of LinkedIn or Facebook will only undermine or silence any pretense of opposition. There’s not much more I can add to the subject of pandemic, I have exhausted my own language in previous articles. However, I beg to wonder what lies they will tell the next time something escapes from their Frankenstein labs. What Draconian measures will they attempt in order to suppress and regulate humanity. Covid-19 was only a mild sniffle compared to the horrible monstrosities they continue to generate in secret laboratories. Again, the biggest question is not from the cloud of confusion over masks or mandates… It is why nobody in our media or government is demanding an end to such biological research and testing? Beyond big pharma or military considerations, there is a money-making machine in which taxpayer dollars are used to manufacture these genetic killers. Worse are the disturbing revelations about the inhumane treatment of animals. Where is PETA demanding to know why Dr. Fauci authorized and funded such cruel experiments on Beagle dogs? So much hypocrisy and corruption… it transcends our own government… it is a global cancer. As I’ve said many times, I am more afraid of scientists and elected officials than I am of the disease itself. God help us all. 🙏

    • Aaron, I’m investing hope in what I see as The Big Wave. And I do believe it’s coming. In a manner of perversity perfectly apropos of politics, Joe Biden’s lunacy and all of the un-Constitutional, arguably criminal bullshit that goes with it might have been just the wake-up call the sleeping bear needed. Even special interests and money have inevitable limits. And we’re getting to the end of (patience for) both. The return swing of the pendulum may be much like a wrecking ball.

      God help us all, indeed.