The Light in The Darkness

For a month or two, Thomas couldn’t believe how the hell this happened. “I Thomas went bankrupt because of a drunk man. And how could I possibly ever recover, if ever!” Completely devoid of emotion or life force. He remembered what his father told him;

The less you spend, the holier you are. And if you desire nice things and a full life, you are not as morally upright as the tightwad.

He was always against this belief. But then he realized that there is no power in unconsciously reacting a belief you don’t even realize you have. Your power to create your own love story beginning with examining – kindly- your own behavior and beliefs about money so that you can transform them.

He started self-educating himself. Before he thought that this is a waste of time, but now he realized how important it is to read books about how human brain functions and so it is with a great delight he now gets to enjoy financial literacy and heal himself. Now he wants to transform into a graceful, elegant, truthful, and loving person.

At the moment he is jobless, but it’s time to look for a job that suits his current situation and find himself back again, even his score was very low, but he was insisting to find the soil in which education rooted.

The next morning he found a job inside a library, at that point the energy that was inside him couldn’t fit the world. It was the energy of abundance and joy. Working in the library cleared up his mind and healed his soul from the shame imprint that he mentioned previously.

He wanted to gain his power and strength back to get his individual value honored. But this time not with money; with the knowledge to get exactly right for his needs. He just decided a while ago;

Happiness isn’t about Money , it’s about escaping from sadness.

After 31 days of working, guess what came into his hands … The salary, at that second, that smile and happiness inside him couldn’t fit the world. He could finally be independent again and get his confidence back.

What a coincidence, he met the woman of his life. Her breeze across the aisle took his breath away. Her name was Charlotte, she was an independent businesswoman that was well known in the state. He did all his best to approach her, he wants to see the encounter leads in her, her spontaneity attracted him, she was like a feather and an art to his new life, the pattern to his path, the light to his darkness.

He thought that no woman could invest in a man who is not ready for a serious relationship, betrayed his wife, family, and friends over ‘cosmetic people’ with fake smiles. He told her the truth because he didn’t want to go deeper into trouble and hurt her feelings. This was his way to protect her from his past. Man, this is a blessing, feel what you want to feel about it. But really he was trying to have some decency about his mess. She better not respond, because her response will only intensify the problem as the fuel ignites the fire.

Charlotte tried her best to build the broken soul inside Thomas. She insisted to walk with him arm by arm. In new thoughts, she was an obsessed personality and she respected his honesty, despite all his actions and words. When Thomas teased her the other day, she remembered her mother’s words when she was a teenager;

Women learn to express themselves differently, we are not touching any mans face, kissing him on the cheek. We are taught the exact opposite all our lives and we grow comfortable with it. And you don’t need to break the pattern with your man. You want your man to be a man, we cannot be touchy-feely with our emotions, it is a skill set you need your man to have.

There is no way these words could contain the depth of his gratitude for all the way of help and inspiration he has had along the way but he should do what he can to scratch the surface.

Our marriage began as a tiny seed and with our desire to build our new company together, but this time with a new financial perspective and a dynamic duo that turned him to a new Thomas.

Thank you for stoking the fire that eventually set him free and thank you to this coincidence for being a new kind of man that flies high and chooses his friends carefully.

Thank you Dr. Ali Anani for inspiring me to continue the beginning of your story: How to write your next story and live a full life. I took the risk emotionally and took him out of the dark.


Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani holds a BA in Journalism and has a certificate in photography. A creative thinker, full of potentials and ideas. She works with entrepreneurs and has a background in SEO strategies. Jumana always asks mentors for their best piece of advice and captures the wisdom to help create a global commons of advice, a collaborative pool of wisdom that everyone can both contribute and gain from. We all have a unique path in our life, and we can all benefit from the knowledge of more experienced walkers ahead of us, who can guide us crossing the river.

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