The Kind Of Life We Want To Live

Living your life openly and honestly, as you want it to be, regardless of the opinions and desires of others, is freedom at its best. Never let another influence you to hold yourself back.

One of the greatest truths in our existence can be learned from a TV. “Contrast” allows the definition that creates the picture on the screen. When we adjust the contrast out, there is no picture. The contrast (differences) we encounter in our lives, the experiences we like or dislike, the behaviors of people that we like or dislike, is what completes the “picture.” Without those differences, life would have no substance, nothing to compare with and no experiences to choose from.

We often fear letting go. We want to stay where we are comfortable, holding on to our current position in life, even when it no longer serves us.

Hard work is always rewarded in some way. However, if you add focus on what you really want, while paying attention to the choices of actions you can take to get there, in the end, you will find yourself exactly where you truly want to be. When we truly surrender, we are more powerful than we can ever imagine. We often fear letting go. We want to stay where we are comfortable, holding on to our current position in life, even when it no longer serves us. Instead of struggling against the rushing river, trust in a force more powerful than ourselves. We then find we not only enjoy the journey that life has in store for us, but we will get where we are meant to be much faster than had we continued fighting the current events in our life.

Nothing happens until we have a thought…. William James, the great American philosopher, and psychologist said;

The greatest discovery of my generation is that men can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

Our thoughts, and therefore our attitudes, are not forced upon us. We’re free to choose our thoughts and our attitudes. Since we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes of mind, it might be a good idea to give some thought and attention to this vital, this shaping, part of our lives. We should try to live by those new thoughts and attitudes, which are most likely to lead us to the conditions and the things we want. The kind of life we want to live, experiences…..

The picture below is a clear mind….what are you going to fill it with?

Happiness is a state of being. It comes before the things that most of us think we need to be happy. Living life to the fullest does not take a lot of money. Money is just the icing on the cake.

Each year on New Year’s Eve, I re-evaluate the previous year. This next year I’m going to stick with focusing on what is “wanted.” How about you?


Trevor Bild
Trevor Bild
Trevor Bild, Videographer, Producer, Sales Trainer, Life Coach. For over 30 years, Trevor Bild managed and trained sales personnel and companies to reach their highest potential. Through his unique skills in redirecting thinking, maintaining integrity, empowering his staff and creating opportunities for success, he became well known for his ability to enable companies to become profitable and excel in all areas of business. After retiring, Trevor has focused his skills in videography, becoming an exceptional producer who brings out the best in musicians, taking them to new levels of personal and professional enhancement. Through his inspiring and thought-provoking writing, you will gain insights into big-picture thinking and ways to see things from new and different perspectives.

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  1. We must learn to live without missing anything. So, when we are older, we will smile at the memory of all the experiences we have been able to grasp as true experts of life. Thus, when we no longer have the necessary strength we can say: “I did everything I wanted and I got involved when I was young and I had the strength and the courage to live!”.