The Kaleidoscope of Human Differences

Does soulmate friendship exist in today’s world? If so, what does it look like, and how does it apply?

Consciousness Alert!

I have learned, over time, that various aspects of life can be viewed through an imaginary kaleidoscope the shards of which represent human differences.  We know they exist, and we know that there is a certain beauty that takes shape when we view these differences as they fall into place. One of the concepts that is created as we slowly turn the lens is that of soulmate friendship.

It makes no difference who you are, where you are from, or what you do for a living. In all situations, as we live, love, and function in workplaces, communities, families, and various social and intimate arenas, you are one of the shards that allow the kaleidoscope to create the beautiful patterns that we see with no more than another turn of the lens.

Given the changing social landscape can we become empowering forces together? Can we, for example, accept women-empowering-men as well as men-empowering-women? Can we become loving women and wise men rather than maintaining a focus solely on the empowerment for women? Can we become closer to one other with spiritual integrity and emotional mutuality without it being interpreted along the lines of sexual engagement?

The COVID-19 situation has obviously had a major impact on many countries and regions of the world. It has virtually stopped the normal interaction between and among nations. What that means is … in many instances, we must maintain an established distance between each of us in a public or even a private setting. A friendship hug is essentially forbidden and might even be considered the danger zone. So, the question then becomes, is soulmate friendship even possible under such circumstances? As we raise our consciousness to higher levels of thought, could we find emotional trust aligned to spiritual intelligence with deep human compassion and kindness?

Surely common-sense dictates that we need to adapt to these new ways for humanity to care as we move forward and reframe our presence?

It may appear, however, to be too huge a challenge with an estimated 85% of the world’s population being disengaged (Gallup Poll). Recent statistics collated by Gallup suggests such disenchantment. Eighty-five (85%) of people at work are disengaged with most wanting things to return to “normal.”  That leaves 15% seeking higher spiritual intelligence and a more purposeful life in a world gone crazy and eager to #createourfuturetogether.

Such statistics leave me wondering how I can create the legacy I want to leave behind … a future built on world harmony … for my grandchildren. I am seeking happiness through the practice of symbiotic interpersonal energy between friends of all diverse facets of humanity.  My dream is a world where we honour #humansfirst and use soulmatelove energy to shift our mind, body, and soul in the direction that would be best for all.

As I ponder today’s flow and the magical conversations I host, I am drawn to a conscious purpose and I found myself wondering about your journey.  What knowledge and experiences created the character you are today?

What Does Back to Normal Really Mean?

Years ago – post-WWII England – the world my elder siblings were born into was faced with the fact that much of the world my parents had known had been destroyed. Everyone was anxious to get back to normal as rapidly as possible, but they knew it would be neither easy nor would it be rapid. My parents had already begun creating their family in this era. My older brother had been born in 1944 and my older sister had been born in 1946. I myself was born into this young family in 1949 with yet another brother due in the very early 50s. Everything was either needed or in the process of being built and rebuilt … distribution systems, housing, retail stores, schools, health facilities, and churches.

What I Am Here to Share Is That There May No Longer Be a Normal

To help you understand the current global shift, I propose you consider soulmate friendship as an energy of a higher level applicable in all phases of life. Why? Nothing past will ever be the same in the present and certainly not in the future. As our world continues to shift you must make sense of what the pandemic generated; The Law of Comprehensive Change … NOTHING WILL RETURN TO WHAT YOU REMEMBER AS NORMAL. This naturally occurring law will always apply[1].

I realized some years ago that I was blessed with a perennially positive outlook. In that regard, the norm for every challenge I have faced has been to overcome the fear of change and loneliness.  I have consistently filled any gap with what I have termed soulmate friendship … authentic and lasting friendship. I set out more than 5 decades ago to be accepting of myself to the extent that I am in the current moment.

So How Do We Move Forward Rather Than Back?

Where does soulmate friendship matter in the kaleidoscope of human differences if it matters at all? First, you must understand that there are many controls (fears) to shed as we grow … controls (loving and fearful) from our upbringing, our education, our life in general, things as innocuous as “You need to settle down, get married, and have a family.” If you are the man of the family, you need to get a good job and if you are a woman, you need to stay home and take care of your husband and your children.

Today we face the biggest shift in external control the likes of which many of us have never known.

That was then … this is now. The new normal – if that even exists – will be ever-changing through a kaleidoscope of the relationships and different experiences we share. Today we face the biggest shift in external control the likes of which many of us have never known. People ask me “How did you change your life?” My response … one day at a time. It takes a large degree of courage and willingness … an open mind, and the determination to be yourself.  It takes time and here is the interesting part … the process never ends. Maybe … just maybe … this shift to become more conscious of who you are as a human being will help you recognize and value the influence you can have on the development of world consciousness and enlightenment.

The Kaleidoscope Effect…

My brothers and sister and I were immensely different and uniquely aligned in our values. Through our early years, we grew to honour our similarities and appreciate our differences as part of the whole.  We each inherited our parent’s sense of practicality through principled action. We learned and integrated the principles of love, respect, honesty, and trust into our respective lives.

In hindsight, I realize that I learned even more as I came to study various characteristics and foibles of men and women. As I grew more conscious of myself that consciousness taught me how I (we) can merge through the principles of good parenting and through recognizing our intrinsic and unique moral compass.

Can soulmate friendship impact and influence the way we create the future?

Reviewing my own knowledge, experience, and imagination together, I believe that soulmate friendship is not only possible, but it is also essential for humanity to rise into higher consciousness of loving relationships with each other without conditions or controls.  Many who are enlightened, will be willing to be open-minded to a new future based on friendship, love, and respect.

Might we move toward the horizon together in a symbiotic relationship between the peaceful provider and the nurturing magical feminine energy that is within each of us?

The time to revive the human spirit and draw on the natural perseverance of humans to survive and to be creative has arrived. Now more than ever before we need to rediscover our natural gifts, our love for one another, and our collective consciousness as they apply to the greater good. The future is about synergy, synthesis, and symbiotic relationships.

[1] NOTE: Ask any woman who has given birth if life goes back to normal. The answer is an emphatic NO!


Dr. Pauline Crawford
Dr. Pauline Crawford
International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Changemaker, Gender Dynamics Expert, Certified Image Consultant, Magical Conversation Host, and Performance Coach, PhD in Entreprenology (Research on Wellness Cultures in the UK 2003/5) With 30-year entrepreneur history, Pauline is known as The Ambassador of Magical Conversations. Her experience covers UK/Europe, Asia Pacific, and the USA, to fulfil her purpose to enable male and female leaders to co-create profitable, value-creation, people-centric collaborative cultures. Her engagement approach encourages genuine conversations that tackle the heart of the matter and energise people individually and together. A key focus in her approach is to release old outdated patterns that block individually and collectively. She teaches how to use self-assessment mapping techniques to embed value-based mindsets and new habits that favour positive thinking and being. Her programs encourage individuals to raise the bar and participate to build collective intelligence that produces outstanding - and often unexpected - results. The beneficial outcomes are felt from the boardroom to the stock room, with higher profits, good health, and greater customer loyalty. With original research on her mapping techniques, Pauline visions Corporate Heart International as the lead performance consultancy to embed Magical Conversations (MC) Cultures into corporate organisations and enterprise growth companies to humanize the workplace, especially now in light of the world pandemic. Her unique approach studies a 360-degree view of Gender Dynamics Body Types and Behaviors, and is applied to generate Intelligent Balanced Leadership and Conversation (MC) Cultures. Transforming business beyond #metoo and COVID-19 pressures, Pauline carefully designed a unique Relational Communications System that enables men and women to be genuine with each other and to navigate across natural differences. Her own design, The Crawford Gender Dynamics Map powers a mutually beneficial dialogue. The results are seen in leadership synergy and measurable ROI in productivity and creativity. Using the Magical Conversation formula, Pauline ensures business conversations develop with no judgment, anger or coercion. These techniques combine to engage people to build Value Creation individually and collectively, for business results and healthy lifestyles. Clients include: Coutts Bank, Barclays, British Telecoms, Astra Zeneca, HP Consulting, Innovation Norway, eBay, Urenco, London Metropolitan Police, UK; The Ministry of Women, and the Razak School of Government are on her Malaysian list of clients. Now resident in the US, focused on the world shift to humanizing the workplace as set sights for economic and social recovery. President of World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists WAVE. Chairperson of the Permanent Commission for Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurs for World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises WUSME. Director Program Development, International University of Entreprenology.

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  1. Dr. Pauline,
    I enjoyed reading this and am further enthused to and encouraged. This paradigm of all time has awakened in many the spirit of friendship on the human level it was meant to be. People are questioning and with that they are thinking. To add to the thoughts and ignite the awareness on a collective frequency. The idea of normal was defined in the comfort zone. Many did without even thinking of what they were doing. Living in a world of response to the environment they were in. Being told what was expected and how to define it. I like to think that awareness to one’s position in the universe is now more apparent. Being normal is now seen to me as being true to one’s self and realizing that you have a voice and can listen to this one first. We are the leaders we need to see. In the end we will all know what everyone was thinking in a way. With dignity we can filter the doubts and find the truth while we are here. Our souls are connected and while we are in human form we are finding the way back to that connection with the human race with this benevolence.
    Thank you for this article and it’s uplifting message. Nature is truly nice, we learn the lessons from the nurturing that isn’t always so nice and find our way back to nature within.
    Blessings to you my lady. Paula

    • Hi Paula
      So pleased to receive your beautifully articulated response. As you know, friendship engages the heart and soul, and today I see the shift on a global stage..of course differently versed in different cultures, our smile is genuine when true in any language and yes nature is our true guide plus our inner guidance. I have a passion to share my Gender Dynamics Intelligence mapping communication with the world at large esp the kids. Do take a look at this research if you haven’t seen it yet… developing open minds starts early!
      Take care, stay blessed in these times,

  2. Pauline, thanks for an interesting explanation of what’s happening!

    I agree. I see this as a strategic inflection point. Because the change is so abrupt and total. And because the way forward is through forging friendship, love and respect.

    With these, the world can get back to engaging with one another, moment by moment, figuring out the current step.

    Being in the moment, making decisions based on your best self and on befriending, loving and respecting.

    Much of today’s problems, pandemic included, are directly impacted by moment by moment actions.


    • Dear Cynthia,
      Thank you for your response, we are I agree needing to live moment to moment. I feel I have done this all my life following my father’s example. Always he would respond in the moment of crisis with calm reasoning and potential collaboration. This I see as the friendship response we can make to all now in this time.
      Blessings to you too,

    • Hi Aldo

      I appreciate your words, and with gratitude, I’d love you to share more maybe of how soulmate friendship turns up in your life and business now?

      I specially work with top men today leading in this crisis economy and needing to be inclusive and directionally inspiring with their people while dealing emotionally and relationally with operational and financial risks…. Is it possible? Yes. People matter more than ever. I have designed a map to help lay a new narrative between men and women, business and life. I will be writing about this next….


  3. Dr. Pauline Crawford,
    Thank you for this very inspiring and so realistic share.
    I agree there is no way back to “normal” on the same time the question arises in me, was that “normal”?
    For me, I did learn so much, that our being more kind and compassionate towards people now, more aware of the good and the less good in our world resonate more with me and for so many others.

    So very beautiful, your last paragraph says it all and resonates with my own thoughts.
    Thank you!

    • Dear Ineke
      Many thanks for your words, It is reassuring for me to hear that an idea resonates and inspires… this is the ripple of soulmate friendship I feel, intimate without invasion, caring without condition, open and purposeful, always listening.