The Journey of A Thousand Faces

The moment we were born and came out into this world.

We have been given a face to wear all throughout our earthly life.

A tangible face that is shown to the world.

It evolves through time but at the end of the day still has the same face.

But how do we know our TRUE face if the world outside is just a stage?

Every time we perform a specific role we wear a different face.

This applies to every circumstance we’re in,

To every people we encounter,

To every day that we live our lives.

We are different. We are evolving.

We are far from our true IDENTITY.

Thus, the question is. Who we really are?

Who Am I?

Is the person writing and thinking of this the same entity?

That I still have to figure out.

That’s why our life on earth is a journey.

It’s long sometimes cut short.

Predictable yet unpredictable.

Life a dilemma itself.

Life is consists of polarities.

Life and death. Sun and moon.

Light and dark. Pain and Joy.

Success and failures.

Beginning and the end.

Sometimes you already know the answer and sometimes you just don’t.

Sometimes you feel at the top of the world and sometimes you are in the darkest pit of the hell.

That is the opposing force of nature.

IT is always like this since the dawn of time.

So how are we conforming to this condition?

Either we fight or flight.

But as an evolved human being. Freedom is our birthright.

We have our own free will to choose what is good or bad for us.

We actually co-create our destiny.

We wear different faces to mask our true SELF.

The multifaced shown to our family to our friends, colleagues even strangers.

When in fact we don’t remember who we are in the first place.

We are living in so-called amnesia from the moment we signed up for our earthly life.

We are a spirit/soul embodying a physical body.

THE body dies but the soul just goes on forever.

We are everyday students of this life as long as we live here.

To evolve our human consciousness.

To learn every lesson life is teaching us.

Every defeat and triumph there is always a LESSON to LEARN.

A continuous path of learning and SOUL evolution.

That is the true face of a warrior.

Be courageous to wear it every day.

Never discouraged. Just GO ON. Let go and let live.

Surrender to the highest calling of the universe.

And just be.


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Rachelle Mae Cabarles
Rachelle Mae Cabarleshttps://devineinfinitum.blogspot.com/
Rachelle Mae Cabarles is an OFW working as a Receptionist for NAFFCO, Dubai, UAE A Filipina. A Mom of two kids. A student of life. Forever lover of life. A firm believer that life is meant to be lived by no matter how ugly or beautiful it gets. And make a difference every day.