The Journey

Transformation is a journey, not a destination. Or so I’ve been told many times in my life. I was introduced to the work of transformation in my mid-30s and I can indeed say that yes … Transformation is definitely a journey. Whenever I feel like I’ve hit my stride or have reached a stopping point I know it’s time to reawaken my learning, whether it’s spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional. It was during one of these emotional “growth spurts” I attended a three-day, experiential training called Accelerate and challenged to creatively get out of my comfort zone. This is when I dove into my love of poetry writing and created the conversation between myself and The Journey.

The Journey began when I wasn’t looking,
It started right under my nose.
I ran and ran, I tried to catch up.
Yet it stayed just out of reach.

I ran and ran again, I fell and scraped my knee,
I got back up with tears in my eye.
“I can’t!” I cried. “It’s too far!”
But The Journey said, “Keep going.”

At 6, I rode my bike and tried to catch up
But tumbled and fell off.
“I can’t,” I exclaimed. “It’s too hard!”
But The Journey said, “Keep going.”

At 16, I drove for the first time and it was in my sights.
But my old Jeep couldn’t keep up.
“I can’t,” I whined. “It’s too much.”
But The Journey said, “Keep going.”

In my 20’s, I worked and toiled
The Journey a distant memory.
“I can’t,” I scoffed “I’m too busy.”
But The  Journey called, “Keep going.”

At 40, I married and built my family
My kids seeing The Journey before them.
“I can’t,” I said. “I’m too old.”
But The Journey said, “Keep going.”

I’m 98 and just about done on Earth,
The Journey came to see me.
“What can I do?” I asked. “Where can I go?”
The Journey said, “Keep Going.”

I have times of rest and I have times of adventure, times of fun, and times of work; I have times of travel and times at home. And the Journey continues to say to me … Keep Going.

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Patrick Anderson
Patrick Andersonhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/true-north-coaching-2020/
Patrick Anderson is the founder of True North Coaching and believes everyone’s life is an adventure to be lived. His own personal passions and adventures have taken him many places, including singing opera and musical theater, traveling all around the United States and Europe as a singer, and being an aspiring novelist and poet. When we live our life’s adventure we find exactly what we need at that moment, whether it’s joy, love, friendship, rest, or surrender. In his spare time, he enjoys digital photography, swimming in the ocean, and reading mystery novels.


  1. Traveling means immersing yourself in a new situation, made up of different faces, languages, flavors, colors, stories and lifestyles. Traveling means discovering what we do not know, being moved by the different, capturing all the beauty that the world gives us when we immerse ourselves in the unknown. But the most basic form of travel is the mental one so that, if for some region we can’t move, the best way to travel without moving is to read.
    And you made me travel!
    Thank you