The Importance of This Site

To say we live in polarized times would be an understatement. Every subject seems to be politicized or scrutinized… a vast crush of ideas, values, and moral reflections weighed down by the collective gears of humanity. For those of us who enjoy writing, there is no greater playground in which to indulge our senses. We are at the mercy of our calling, an impulse to share our logic and vision, our chosen words and phrases.

As writers, we are introspective beings, locked forever in a complicated tango between anxiety and brilliance. At any given moment, there is a perpetual war of words raging within our hearts and minds.

It is here, on this battlefield of conjecture, that we analyze our deepest personal convictions… where we measure the fruits of our intellect and our ego… where we compare the apples and oranges of our existence against other fruits in the basket. Indeed, we place our very essence under a microscope. We analyze our individual freedoms and truth, express our identity in terms of confidence or compassion. We reconcile our past with our present, adhering to a better course of action for future endeavors.

It is human nature. We spill forth our bias into scripture.

Who is right? Who is wrong? How did we stray so far from the center? These are just a few of the many burning questions we ask as we engage the world with our fleeting sparks of knowledge. If we are lucky, we can draft something compelling, something that will inspire and initiate dialog. Yet if we are arrogant, we will reject and condemn those of us who do not fit in line with our ideology. This happens daily. We are all complicit in our hardened positions. These are the consequences of our conditioning. It is human nature. We spill forth our bias into scripture. We work within the confines of our chosen dogma to present a formative opinion, a narrative that comforts us in the darkest of nights…

Regardless of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations, every single person is socially imprinted by their culture and environment. We are motivated by external influence, both subtle and overt. We are programmed to react and respond, to adapt to an ever-changing culture of he-said, she-said. We need not beat ourselves up over the trivialities of our chemistry. We are who we are. Polite, arrogant, witty, reclusive… it makes no difference. Instead of focusing on change, focus on the spokes in the wheel that make you turn. What makes you most productive? What makes you more efficient? What makes you operate different from the next person on the train moving forward?

Like everything else, change will come naturally. As writers, we need only to stick our thumbs in the air to know which way the wind is blowing. For that reason alone, it is a blessing to have a place where you can tell it like it is… where freedom of speech matters… where genuine expression remains a pillar of human dignity. Although we may not always agree with every article posted here, that is the beauty of this diverse engine. That is why we continue to return to this independent publishing platform… because, unlike most social media tech giants, we are ALL welcome here at BizCatalyst 360° … despite our different colors, stripes, or flavors.

As long as we remain professional in our conduct, this platform will continue to provide qualified writers a safe environment free from censorship, where ideas and values are treated with equal respect and integrity.

The concept of truth will always vary from one writer to the next, but as long as we approach our topics like rational adults, then our primary objectives will always be protected under this unique banner of liberty. My deepest thanks and appreciation to Dennis and his team for their unwavering support and tolerance. On behalf of all writers, may you have a restful, inspired sabbatical.

Aaron Towlehttp://www.repdigest.com/
Aaron Towle is a Multimedia Artist living in Green Cove Springs, FL. He proudly served in the military as a journalist and now works as a developer in the Defense Contracting Industry. He is passionate about art, literature, and photography and looks to continue building his credentials as a professional writer. He currently produces an online publication called Reprehensible Digest, which explores the subtle dynamics between art and literature.


  1. Warm welcome Aaron .. you write thoughtfully.
    Your thoughts resonated with me. Truly.
    God’s most generous gift to humanity is that we are created in His image. Even after thousands of years .. our understanding of that is probably at a pre-school level ;~) 🙏

    I, too, consider “the words we leave behind” to be part of our legacy. There are many other things we leave behind. Both creative & corruptive.

    I look with expectancy to the fulfillment of all God’s promises. Believing that His Words accomplish His will ..

    He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Revelation 21

    I leave you with one of my poems
    Words can be TRUTH or words can be lies
    Words can be foolish or words can be WISE
    Words can wound or words can heal
    Words of strife … our peace can steal
    Words can DIVIDE … or words can ignite
    A nation … a family …to fight or UNITE
    Words can make or break a deal…break us apart … or help us heal
    Words of LOVE … can hate erase … like soothing balm … strife replace
    Words can take you captive … and words can set you free
    Well-reasoned words can make a plea … help us even better see
    Harsh words turn a heart to stone …“Kind words” it is said “heal bones”
    Let us first our words rehearse …for
    Words can BLESS … or words can curse
    For human speaking is an art … and
    Words do reveal what is in the HEART.
    – by Fay Vietmeier

    I forgot to leave the link of my share – in the event your care to read the comments

  2. A BRILLIANT post Aaron 🙏
    You rightly ask:
    Who is right? Who is wrong?
    How did we stray so far from the center?

    “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” Soren Kierkegaard

    Whose “ideology” is the ultimate song? 🙏
    .. “fleeting sparks of knowledge” from finite beings
    .. has set the broken human course .. limited our seeing
    The “consequence of conditioning” is ever being revealed
    In “HARD-hearts & CLOSED-eyes” .. creating a netherworld

    “We spill forth our bias & chosen dogma into scripture” – Aaron Towle
    Do words of war weave webs of anxiety into a dark picture?

    Darkness is always at war with Light
    Might it be why we have lost our sight
    WHAT is Wrong and WHAT is right?
    The Source of both is found in Light

    I share this illuminating post 🙏 on LI
    .. with multiplied thanks to Dennis Pitocco and the Team of BIZCATALYST 360° 🙏
    All the writers here are privileged to be included in this prestigious
    🙏 Circle of Honor .. The writer’s version of Knights of the Round Table

    In His Light .. we have light” – Psalm 36
    This Light will lead us to “BRILLIANCE”

    • Outside of breathing, I would say God’s most generous gift to our species was the ability to communicate. From our earliest ancestors, we have always had this peculiar desire to express. From primitive sketches on a cavern wall to highly sophisticated messages beamed across the deepest gulfs of space… the human race has exceeded expectation. At an exponential rate, we have transcended our destiny from the boiling swamps of Africa and Europe to the very brinks of stardom and beyond. Had our ancestors possessed a crystal ball, they would think us Gods in our own right. They might also weep at how we still treat each other in trivial and barbaric ways – yet that is our greatest curse. Despite our divine potential, the human condition remains prone to self-destruction. For all of our knowledge and experience, we remain arrogant with our gifts. We undermine our compassion with acts of war and greed. In many ways it is astounding that we are still here, that we still have a chance to make things right. The only constant throughout these generations have been the words in which we leave behind. They are a time capsule in which we share our views and our destiny, the hopes in which we can improve our species for the better. Writing is a gift. We must never take it for granted. The sooner that happens, the sooner we return to the swamps in which we came. I will use this gift… this small divine gift… to shout as loud as I possibly can from the highest mountain in humanity. They may not like my message, but they will listen… Kindest blessings Fay. Thank you for your kind words. 🙏

  3. I am not a qualified writer. Yes, in my life I have written articles in newspapers and trade journals but never had I had what Aaron Towle calls (rightly) the “blessing of having a place where you can say it as it is, where free speech matters, where the genuine expression remains a pillar of human dignity “.
    I fully share this concept and am aware that this is only thanks to Dennis and his highly efficient collaborators for their timeliness, precision, passion and, ultimately, for the encouragement they transmit by publishing our posts, getting our ideas, thoughts and perspectives out.
    As said, writing is not a world that belongs to me, but it is certainly a means that I use to communicate and externalize towards others. Through this collaborative and careful editorial opportunity I hope to interest some readers whose feedback will be always very welcome.
    Through BZC Dennis has also created a climate of participation and respect among all such that I am sure this sharing will continue because it is built on solid foundations.

    • Thank you Aldo… I would suggest that if Dennis and his team invited you to participate here, than you are – in fact – very qualified as a writer. In many instances, the writer blossoms once the opportunity is given. Anyone who has a voice and is willing to share it is a writer, they simply need the will and fortitude to put those thoughts down on paper. Sometimes it takes an independent platform like BC-360 to shake things up. It is not always a fair and balanced playground on your typical social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Here we have a more personalized environment in which to flex out ideas and opinions. We may not always agree, but the discussions are always lively and professional. Keep writing my friend, there will always be a home for your thoughts here. Best regards always…

  4. Just to have the freedom of writing…the freedom of anything, for that matter! I like what Mark O’Brien said… “the voice to help us endure and prevail.”
    It’s only the voice that is unexpressed that slowly, slowly drowns in the sea of madness. Expression Is as essential as breathing, for ALL. Loreexx

    • Agree 100% Loree. Expression is what makes each one of us unique… no less important than our very own thumbprint on society. As writers, we get that extra colorful swirl of magic in our coffee… expression through words. I would venture to say I would be useless without them! 🙏

  5. I loved over the years being inspired by all the writers, poets and storytellers, in the end I am truly inspired by the friend that I have made. Dennis had to talk me into writing, several years and many stories later I still say thank you for all you have done for me.
    Strong Ink Indeed.

  6. I agree, Aaron, that this is a unique platform where people seem more open than on many other platforms to engage constructively with opinions they don’t necessarily agree with.

    I am reading Positively Conflicted by Sam Ardery, the central point so far being that we can lean into the point of hostility, but it doesn’t serve us or the causes we are aligning ourselves with. It is unlikely that anybody wants to find common ground with somebody who just called them an idiot.

    Being curious about what makes others have a certain position at least makes both parties look in the same direction for a short while.

    And sometimes we can decide to not engage at all. Shutting up is also part of the Freedom of Speech.

    • Yes, I agree completely Charlotte… and thank you for your insight. I confess that I write with an edge of hostility – perhaps more often than not – and recognize how this tends to alienate certain readers. I cannot write or express things in any other way. The world can be mean and nasty, and that ugliness somehow manifests itself in my language. I gave up being apologetic about my views, but that is not to say I don’t care for others – to include those who disagree or reject my perspective. I pray for a better resolution in life… for all people and for all problems. Sometimes we need to throw those concepts out on center stage so we can pick them apart, so we can learn and make mistakes and change course for a better direction. That is what this platform provides – a clear channel toward discussion. Also, as you stated, that also includes shutting up from time to time… something I could learn to do better myself. Best wishes always.

  7. “Genuine expression remains a pillar of human dignity.” You put yourself in some heady company with that statement, Aaron. This is from William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech:

    “I decline to accept the end of man … I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. The poet’s, the writer’s, duty is to write about these things. It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding him of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past. The poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail.”

    We endure and prevail — and you are enduring and prevailing one preserving your dignity — by writing.

    Keep writing, Aaron. Please keep writing.

    • Mark, you have always amazed me with your encyclopedic knowledge of the great masters. You have absorbed more wisdom from their galaxy than I, but that only means I have much more homework to do. Strange you should mention “Keep writing Aaron” – it was only a few weeks ago my frustrations had boiled over. I was going through some confidence issues – due in part to a little phenomenon called writer’s block – and considered hanging up my keyboard. Sometimes we drown in self-doubt, and we make irrational decisions based on those lonely sparks. Fortunately Dennis was kind enough to see through my struggles and kept the door open. The river of words have been flowing free ever since, and this article was the best way in which I could thank him. It is a blessing to have such an outstanding platform filled with such talented and thoughtful professionals. The more time I spend here, the more I read. The more I read, the more I write. It’s a vicious circle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Until next time my friend…

  8. Aaron – Your article expresses the feelings of those who write for this forum and enjoy the freedom to share our deepest thoughts. Dennis provided me a platform long ago and encouraged me – his belief in me led me to put my leadership articles into a book. So, thank you for your important thoughts on freedom of speech and for giving Dennis and company a well deserved nod of respect.

    • I appreciate your kind words Len, and happy this platform was helpful in opening new doors for you in regards to your book. Sometimes we need a place to vent, to express our frustrations or joy, to share our wisdom and experience… I honestly feel much more comfortable here than I ever did with any social media platform. I know the articles we submit are in safe hands. We may not all have the same agenda or perspectives in life, but we are all professional and – as Dennis always says – our voices need to be heard… Look forward to your next article sir!

    • Amen to that statement Zen, a little common sense goes a long way. No matter what side of the fence a person is on, common sense always prevails. As for free speech, I think platforms like this will eventually emerge as the true winners on the social media stage in the near future. As difficult as it is to gauge what content is proper or just, we simply can’t have faceless arbiters determining what our thoughts or truths may be. That being said, as professional scribes we need to be reasonable and intelligent with our own approach in order to respect a reciprocal working relationship with our host. After all, we are all guests here on BC-360… no need for any of us to wear out or welcome. Best regards my friend. 🙏

  9. Many thanks for publishing Dennis, the sentiments are heartfelt. I know you provide much more than a publishing service, but from a writer’s perspective, it is imperative to have a place where opinions are treated with respect. Probably half of the articles I’ve submitted here would have been flagged, suppressed or censored on LinkedIn. Please maintain this winning formula… it simply works! Kindest blessings to you all during the holidays. 🙏

    • Our entire team is grateful for your words of support here, Aaron, particularly in the midst of mainstream media’s resistance to welcoming all voices. Although contrary to the status quo, we choose to follow the road less traveled, my friend. And we’re pleased to have fresh voices like yours along for the journey. Thank you!