The Importance Of SEO Marketing For Startups

Startups, in the current scenario, can only hope to succeed if they can increase their searchability and visibility online by employing effective and search engine approved SEO techniques. Leveraging the right SEO technology offers several benefits including improved searchability, higher SERPs and targeted marketing to reach out to the customers at a time when they are most likely to act on your call.

Why SEO?

Understanding Search Engine Optimization strategies is indispensable for startups (as well as established companies) that want to sustain in the constantly evolving and ever growing digital marketplace. Considering that 75% of users never scroll beyond the first page of search results, SEO truly is any startup’s best friend in building an online reputation.

Tactically employing SEO strategies in an era where search engines constantly change parameters is a fundamental lesson for every entrepreneur who aims to succeed. Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a leading global digital marketing agency has been helping startups in this regard by organizing insightful webinars, creating white papers and handy infographics to disseminate information in an easily understandable fashion.

DCI recently organised a webinar on the importance of SEO marketing for startups. Ms. Mercy Livingstone, Head of Search Engine Marketing at DCI with over 8 years of experience and hundreds of projects executed with her expertise, facilitated the webinar. Amongst other things, participants were given insights into most effective SEO strategies, the importance of employing SEO on a long term basis and using analytics to measure performance (You can access the session here).

All you need to know

As an offshoot to the webinar, DCI presents a handy Infographic summing up the outcomes of the webinar creating a to-go resource on the importance and application of SEO that any person associated with the startup or digital realm would benefit from. In an attractive, fun and easy to comprehend manner, the Infographic explains how startups can benefit from SEO. It shares facts and figures to drive in the importance of SEO and goes a step further by giving easy and effective tips for startups to comprehensively design SEO strategies for their business and start benefitting immediately.

DCI brings out this insightful, easy to use and fun Infographic on the importance of SEO at a time when the success or failure of any company hinges squarely on their online searchability and reach. Today, when ‘online’ has become the forerunner for almost every business, it is easy for a business to be lost in the overcrowded digital space unless propelled into limelight through appropriate digital marketing strategies. As a top digital marketing firm with years of digital marketing experience globally, DCI presents a one-stop resource that all startups will find handy to grow their company, digitally.

See the insightful Infographic below to find everything you want to know about SEO in one single place.


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