The Importance Of Digital Marketing In Business Development

Disruptive technology is impacting business activity in more ways than one. The Internet of things has birthed a global community of buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs, and facilitators. The unprecedented growth of e-commerce has its roots in social marketing, particularly digital marketing via social media channels. The most successful digital marketers are those who have first-hand experience plying their trade. Getting started in the online marketing arena can be exceptionally challenging. The first string of converted customers is an amazing achievement, and keeping that momentum going and growing is a tribute to a job well done.

Successful entrepreneurs in the digital marketing arena understand all the exigencies of this challenging milieu. They work hard to fast-track the learning curve by adopting proven tactics and strategies, thereby building successful business ventures. Businesses may be unique in terms of culture, personality, product and service, but they are united in the challenges that they face: customer acquisition, retention, and conversion, business growth and profitability. It is within this fabric that business development gurus ply their trade. Getting customers through the conversion funnel is the ultimate challenge, but there are ways to fast track the process.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

SMEs (small and medium enterprises) typically worry about how to attract their first group of customers. True to form, many of these businesses will begin with flyers, coupons, newspaper ads, perhaps even magazine spreads to bring in customers. These marketing media are only partially effective, and they are inefficient ways of attracting clientele. The online marketplace is a hive of activity where a virtually limitless supply of customers exists. Local marketing is geographically limited, but Internet marketing is limitless. There are many reasons why digital marketing is playing an increasingly important part in business activity today, notably:

  • Marketing initiatives can be tracked and analyzed with powerful software.
  • Online marketing allows interactive engagement with clientele.
  • Online marketing has been proven to be effective in client retention and loyalty.
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective when done right, and many customers are now shopping online.
  • A strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social sites is not a nicety; it’s a necessity.
  • Competing businesses are also establishing a strong online presence with digital marketing on social media.

Leading Authorities in Digital Marketing

One of the most notable proponents of digital marketing, and a leading authority on business development is Russell Ruffino. He founded a consulting business named Clients on Demand. This enterprise rapidly grew and started generating $500,000 a month by simply teaching other businesses how to leverage their marketing platforms and abilities and attract the ideal clientele. Russell Ruffino decided to adopt a different approach to business growth and development by focusing on transformative solutions to business enterprises.

Clients on Demand came to be when the CEO focused on working with a select group of clientele by offering them transformative solutions to their business challenges. Such was the success of this strategic move for this company that it started generating $200,000 per month, and the clients appreciate the value, focus, and strategic initiatives proposed by Clients on Demand. There is tremendous value to be had by maintaining a strong online presence in the digital world. For starters, many customers have switched from traditional shopping methodology to online shopping, and this trend is only going to increase.

Comparative shopping online is far more effective, and a better use of time than fighting the traffic and waiting in line. Businesses are not what they used to be. Services that were once deemed entrenched institutions in society such as the payphone, Blockbuster videos, Kmart, Sears, Macy’s, and dozens of others have all but disappeared from the modern landscape. Today, we interact, transact, and communicate online. The business which masters the art of digital marketing is already one step ahead of the competition in an increasingly cutthroat environment.

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