The Hysteria Of The Left: The Unprecedented Attack On A President

Understandably, November 8, 2016 is a day that will haunt liberals and the media for many years to come. Similarly, conservatives were tormented by the memory of the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and perplexed by hi re-election in 2012. This torment and perplexed state led many of us to raid our liquor cabinets and “mourn” the destruction of America. This brooding mood continued until we realized the sun will still come up tomorrow, the rivers will continue to flow, and there is always hope for a different outcome in next election cycle.

Unfortunately for liberals and fantastic for Republicans, the liberals are still brooding and throwing temper tantrums over their defeat. The mainstream media or “the left’s PR representatives” as I like to call them, have decided to wage war on the Trump administration with fabricated controversies like ice-cream gate. The controversy stirred by the media on President’s Trump ice cream scoop preferences pales in comparison when we examine the hypocrisy of Democrats in Congress.

Instead on focusing on repairing their brand appeal to white working class voters, the group that handed President Trump his electoral victory last November, Democrats are still convinced the Russians handed Trump the election. Nevermind, that Hillary was unlikable, or that the Democrat Party platform has moved away from working class values, or that the Hillary campaign was so convinced of her electoral victory that she did not even bother to campaign in working class areas inside the so-called the Blue Wall. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to go back to the drawing board and try to work with the new President on issues good for the working class and show that voting block that Democrats also care about middle class values?

No, instead Democrats in Congress are calling for the impeachment of the new President with such flippant disregard for propriety that if the shoe was on the other foot and Republicans were calling for the impeachment of a Hillary Clinton this early in her term, the Democrats would be accusing the Republicans of misogyny and being unpatriotic.

The list of fabricated controversies is becoming silly at this point. The people in the media and part of the Democrat Party power structure fail to see that the average American can see through this charade. For example, on the Russia controversy, despite then numerous leaks from the intelligence community, there has no concrete evidence that would suggest that Trump campaign and Russian officials conspired to “hack the election.”

The closest thing to “evidence” the media has been able to unearth is that Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s oldest son, met with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election in hopes the lawyer would have some dirt on Hillary Clinton. Was this a smart move by Trump Jr.? No, but meeting with a Russian lawyer hoping to get dirt on Clinton is a far cry from conspiring with the Russian government to hack the presidential election.

At this point, anyone can clearly see that this conspiracy theory is politically motivated to delegitimize President Trump and undermine his policies. By continuing to the advance this theory, Democrats and the media as their accomplice, continue disrespect the very chunk of people Hillary lost in 2016. The blue workers of today the “Working Class Joes” and the “Rosie the Riveter(s)” will continue to feel that the Democrats and the media still do not understand or care about their small towns or middle class jobs. How can the Democrats presume to say they care about working class America when they can’t even respect the decision of the working class to support Donald Trump for President? The continued fixation on the Russian controversy solidifies the argument in the minds of the blue-collar voters that the liberal elite does not and will never care about them.

It’s not just President Trump on the receiving end of this unprecedented attack. First Lady Melania Trump is continuously criticized and vilified by the media, especially the celebrity media. Mrs. Trump has been accused of white privilege and copying Jackie Kennedy’s style on inauguration day. Mrs. Trump has even been criticized for foregoing the head scarf on the first couple’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia. A public act that would have been applauded as a significant contribution to the international women’s right movement, but because Mrs. Trump is doing it instead it is the core material for a critical article on ABC News.

Not even the first couple’s son Barron Trump can escape the harpoon of the left. Ten-year-old first son has even been accused of having Autism by liberal comedian, Rosie O’Donnell. Barron is not the only Trump child to be on the receiving end of such hate and contempt. Ivanka Trump, the stylish daughter of the President, is constantly lampooned being “complicit” with her father with an SNL skit summarizing the feelings of the left towards Ivanka.

The left simply cannot understand how a woman so well-spoken, sophisticated, and successful could support a man like President Trump. They seem to ignore the fact that this man (Trump) raised Ivanka to be a strong independent woman. Ivanka’s very existence does not fit the narrative the left has crafted against Trump. In their minds, how can a “misogynist pig” that hates women father such an independent woman like Ivanka? So because Ivanka is a threat to that narrative she is the target of scorn and criticism.

Some of you may be saying: Arianna, the media is targeting the Trumps, not the Democrats. I would say look at Hillary Clinton; instead of leading by example and encouraging fellow liberals to work with the new President or at least accept the result of the election instead she presents herself as part of the “resistance.” It seems that Democrats are convinced that the Trump presidency must end with impeachment. I guess Democrats have not learned their lesson about having such high levels of certitudes about an outcome. After all, the last time they were this sure about something they lost a presidential election. Democrats may just be handing Trump his second term on a silver platter.


Arianna Mendez
Arianna Mendez
ARIANNA is currently a J.D. Candidate at St. Thomas University School of Law. Arianna has been writing about politics and current events for the last five years. Her opinions and publications have appeared on Women’s Voices Magazine and Miami Herald. Arianna can also be frequently been seen and heard on local TV and radio talking about politics. Arianna also served on the Miami for Trump committee, interned for Romney/Ryan 2012, the offices of Senator Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Rick Scott for Florida 2014 re-election campaign.

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  1. I was pulling together a data analysis assignment last night for a course I’m designing. So I decided to download some data on White House salaries. I saw Ivanka listed along with her role — “First Daughter and Advisor to the President”. Of course, she wasn’t paid anything — but just having her there on the list, a very well spoken and competent person — her title isn’t just for show.

    The Democrats (and the Liberals up here in Canada) have gone so far left that many are thinking that postmodernists — and though that’s scary, it does explain a lot of their current behavior. Postmodernism has three things about it I don’t like. Subjective truth, representation, and victim/oppression.

    Subjective truth means no matter how much evidence there is on something to be true, it is only one of many truths. So any truths we know about human rights, morality, or even science are all on a sliding scale of subjectivity. As a data guy, I find this to be B.S.

    Representation is that every demographic was be equality represented in a business or political party as it is in society. Qualifications don’t matter. Ever work with people who are incompetent? Ever had to clean up their mess? It’s not fun.

    And don’t be me started on victim/oppression — our Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau gave a confessed Canadian terrorist $8 million USD in a court settlement. I’m still confused on this because the court did not say anything about remunerations for that terrorist. Trudeau just gave the money on his own accord. This terrorist killed one American soldier and blinded another. This terrorist is an enemy of Canada and the USA; and roaming free in Alberta Canada complaining he can’t find a job because people know his face.

    This far left has to stop. And Trump may be the guy to do it. He’s not far right, but more in the center.

    • Wow, Chris. You have really done a great job of revealing the path the US might be on too. 🙁

    • I wouldn’t worry so much. What Trump is being accused of about Russia is just not true. Even if it was, Trump would have would have still won by a significant margin of 15%. If Trump can hold his own to this noise of these screaming adult children, it will set a precedent that will result in some good laws for the USA.

      Trudeau did several bad things. No accusations. He did them. They’re on the record and no one is talking about them.

      i wonder what’s worst — people attacking a country’s leader based on fiction; or people not attacking a county’s leader despite the facts?

    • I believe that the truth always comes out. It might take years, and that’s a very discouraging fact, but eventually whatever is done in secret is revealed in public. Sadly people have filters and even if confronted with the truth of what happened they see only what they want to see.

  2. This has long ago passed the rational and become a national embarrassment. Why can’t the liberal left (progressives if you prefer) and the media at least have some respect for the highest office in our land? Some of us were not that happy with Obama and his cohorts. But, we had enough class to not have cry ins and hold protest marches, and attack his kids. Enough already.

    • Thank you Ken. I was trying to think of how to respond to this article. My heart is broken every time I hear or see one more stab one more ax one more hammer – that represent resistance and disrespect. I am appalled at the immature reactions – and whether left or right, neither side is innocent or immune. We have a president. He was elected. Whoever doesn’t like it – the opportunity to vote again comes around again in 4 years. In the meantime go to your local governments and peaceably use your skills to change things from the ground up.