The Humiliation is the Point

There’s a connection between a COVID-19 drug mandate for children as a requirement to attend school and the dystopian startup that builds “Moxie,” the robot child therapist. There’s a reason they call the company “Embodied.” https://embodied.com/ (They couldn’t get away with “Incarnate.”)

They build the system to abuse/neglect the children and sell you the cure.

All the while, why does it feel as if the humiliation of knowing how this equation works is the point? I know it may sound far-fetched, but what if all this madness is intended to make you feel uncomfortable, designed to feel, well, evil. Why on Earth would this be the objective? I honestly don’t know for sure. But I have theories.

Let’s assume for a moment that in the contemporary context, there’s a widespread political/corporate interest at work here. Namely persuading the public that Evil is a social construct.

Seems if you’re able to paint this picture of children with robot friends/parents/counselors as a “response” to apocalyptic conditions, and if those conditions can be dialed up or down by either media or tangible control of economic factors, you have a way of controlling the frame for evil works, by rebranding them as solutions. From lockdowns to class war via pharmaceuticals, to masking and jabbing young children, to justifying violence, racism, and hate in the name of “progress,” all of these developments are spun by state media as “measures” that must be taken to avoid destruction.

It’s simple, right? A long history of relativist postmodern thought and critical theory has finally come home to roost. They’re asking you not to notice. Not to believe your eyes and ears, to nod your head and agree that up is down and left is right, light is dark, ugliness is beauty, and, yes, forgive me for touching the third rail here, man is woman.

We were so wrong all along, we must smash these archaic and unnecessarily concrete ideas about the basic structure of social contracts, humanity. What else can we do when it turns out we all individually make our own rules, and our own truth?

To be clear, there was never only one kind of beauty or one kind of man or woman. The idea that these definitions were absolute and rigid is a purpose-built myth spun by 20th-century marketers and media, in order to build such a beautiful strawman to burn. Maybe you know the story of Ed Bernays and using women to help market cigarettes to women by giving them “torches of freedom.” https://www.edology.com/blog/marketing/pr-campaigns-edward-bernays/ A not-so-distant ancestor of the idea that positive social reforms like giving women the vote are somehow in the same progressive continuum as biological males competing in women’s sports. This, in essence, is the object. Conflation, resulting momentum, market exploitation.

All one. Level it, make it all equivalent. Until nothing is real.

If we begin to believe we do in fact live in the iron-clad dystopia, the rules, regulation, and market innovations don’t seem so incongruous or offensive anymore, they’re simply following the script about “the future” we’ve seen in Hollywood films, where we not only prototyped future technologies but market-tested social conditions and constructs.

Even a feeling of dread, disgust or fear is normalized, for these are the emotions one feels in the supposed apocalyptic condition. So that when you’re told you won’t have a choice, that yes, legacy media and tech are one consolidated political organ, content will be shaped and censored, narratives will be boosted and banned, votes will in fact be manipulated and counted twice, (regardless of whether or not it was enough to affect the final outcome) neither journalist nor judge will intervene, because, of course, you understand, it was for the greater good. That’s just how things are, and we must move forward together, in humiliation.

When you’re told that your children will be treated as property of the state, the humiliation you feel is part of the program, designed to push you further into submission, which is also normalized. After all, with such dark alternatives and threats presented, what choice do you have but to comply? If you want to have a job and shelter and feed your family, it’s quite normal after all, you must comply.

As hyperbolic as it sounds, the bottom line of the message today in 2021 is clear: You must give your children an experimental drug, or… die.

Is that really how it works? Is humiliation simply the new norm? Is compliance the most practical mindset of the future? I suppose we’ll never know until you test it.

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Nick Sternberg
Nick Sternberghttps://nicksternberg.com/work/
Nick is a professional outlier and regular contributor at the fringes of the very online.


  1. Although the sadness of this truth breaks my heart, it is nevertheless true. It’s been outlined in various documents for decades and called ‘conspiracy theory’ by the unwilling to see. Thanks for the willingness to call it out in such a distinctive way, Nick. In the travesty, perhaps there is hope. The uncommon notion that we will rise beyond expectation and counter the culture that is being thrust down our throats is consistent with the movement from one age to another with the potential for greatness to emerge in humanity. Perhaps we can flip the ‘profit over people and planet’ to ‘people and planet over profit.’ People still have power. We just don’t know how to use it, yet, imho.

    It is said that everything that does not resonate with a naturally designed evolution of humanity will rise to the surface in such a way that it is obvious to everyone, no matter the veiled views of the past programming you so definitively point out. Something on an encouraging note that you may enjoy comes from a Russian Academian, Mironova, who’s dissertation covers the ‘Global Mutation in Humanity’ from recent scientific discoveries she cites. Perhaps you’ll find it hopeful… https://youtu.be/sMxvNJMiJHs

    What we do with all this ‘new’ information being cited by many will determine our spiral upward or downward. It’s all how we interpret and respond, I suppose. I like what an old friend and ‘new age’ comedian puts it… the ‘Great Weset’ in the upwising of humanity. I also found a quote that Jeff Mishlove used for the introduction of his award-winning essay quite appropriate for today, even though it was from over a century ago:

    “Single facts can never be “proved” except by their coherence in a system. But, as all facts come singly, anyone who dismisses them one by one is destroying the conditions under which the conviction of new truth could arise in the mind.”
    F. C. S. Schiller
    Philosophy Professor
    Oxford University

  2. Those are some damn good points Nick. Essentially, what you are implying is that “they” are purposefully desensitizing us to new social norms and conditioning… attempting to reprogram us away from constitutionalism in order to facilitate a sweeping new agenda. In my opinion, this process is nothing less than collective indoctrination. What follows is totalitarianism – obedience through ignorance, obedience through brutality, obedience through culture shame. Just observe how many evening news anchors are blatantly bias on their programs. Every night is a treadmill virtue signaling, confirmation bias and feigned moral outrage. Even worse, the tech giants facilitate this cancer of mind by censoring anything contradictory to their core Marxist values. How dare anyone have an opinion that undermines the esteemed Dr. Fauci – the same man who funds inhumane torture of Beagles. How dare anyone question the ulterior motives of a national vax mandate. How dare anyone question why children are educated about their evil white legacy. How dare you not welcome thousands of illegal immigrants, terrorists and Covid spreaders into the United States uncheck. I understand your article. Shame on anyone for thinking for themselves. Shame on truth and patriotism. Shame on your instincts, heritage and work ethic. That anyone cannot see for themselves how corrosive and diabolical this behavior is… then perhaps they should seek immediate psychological counseling. Sadly, nothing surprises me anymore. It really is a humiliating experience. I can only shake my head and sigh in disgust. Best regards to you sir, great article… 🙏