The Human Superorganism

What are we really dealing with today? People all over the world are glued to their screens, too busy to raise their heads. It’s appealing and addictive, but it also cools the heart, the emotion, and the connections we have built. It’s like being connected in a freezer, taking on the form of another tech feature each time. The same goes for our kids who are stuck in their rooms all day. If this continues, what will life look like in a year or two from now?

For generations, man’s main foundation of connection has been the family unit. Today we are in a period of transition, where people are getting married less, and wanting children less. The human ego is peaking and no one has the patience to deal with others.

At the same time, the technological innovation for connecting us will continue to emerge in the coming years. Life will be filled with mechanical, technical forms of communication that will not really bring us satisfaction. This is a process that will ultimately lead us to understand that it’s impossible to advance this way. We will feel the lack of warm ties, even if we do not always have the strength to admit it. To a certain extent we are losing human development in favor of technological development, and thus we lose our original identity. Even our attitude to the surrounding nature is a disgrace. We are simply destroying our own home, the home we inhabit.

We will have an inner urge to feel something, with the main thing being not to be in a state of coolness toward each other.

When all of humanity will feel that we have literally lost control of life, it will create a very large space inside us, which will lead to the awakening of a great new desire. We will yearn to be filled again with emotion, but this will come at a new, and higher level of development. We will have an inner urge to feel something, with the main thing being not to be in a state of coolness toward each other. As a result, we will develop an understanding that we must connect with each other and the surrounding nature. That is precisely the point where we’ll discover that we can’t and that we are not capable of it. That it’s the human ego driving us apart and separating us. How it’s the human ego stirring up conflict between us, and not really allowing us to connect.

The general state of humanity needs to mature into this picture, and this will be accompanied by an appeal to the people of Israel. The world will subconsciously feel that in this nation lies the proper method of connection, the ability, and knowledge of how to reach the power that connects people, above all gaps and distances.

At this point, the people of Israel, instead of being seen as a connector, will be perceived as a separating force, as distant and conflicting among all, although no one can clearly say why they feel that way. It is written in the sources, “No calamity comes to the world except for Israel” (Yevamot 63a). The rage will be very great, and a desire will arise in the world to destroy Israel. We can see this very clearly in the rise of antisemitism everywhere.

As Jews, we will have to show the world that this is not the right direction, that there is no point in trying to erase us from the map because it is our job to convey to all of humanity and to the whole world, the method of how to properly connect with each other. Today most of us are still unaware that such a method of connection exists. But it is embedded in the spiritual garden of the Jewish people, the trait that connects people. A trait of love and mutual connection, a divine spark. A hidden, connecting force, wrapped in an Israeli ego, is especially great.

If the scientists who studied mankind see it as a superorganism, that is, as one system whose parts are all connected to each other, in the wisdom of Kabbalah one learns that all the levels of nature are a superorganism to begin with. All our development as creatures is only to discover this more and more.

By gradually revealing this system, the connections between us will take on a new volume, and become multidimensional. The egoistic desire will not disappear, and hatred will increase, but bridges of love will be built above it. The gap between these two will widen, and between them, we will discover all life forms, all colors, and flavors. We will feel rejection from others, even coldness and distance, but all this will be covered with warmth, connection, and love. We will have the right and mature attitude toward both good and evil. We will know how to connect them together correctly, in what is called the “middle line”. We will feel life in new intensities, emotions, and pleasures; at all ends of the scale, from zero to infinity.

When we get to experience this sublime state together, to really drink it in and enjoy it, and become filled with it, then we will have experienced a taste of heaven.

From the sources

“As man’s body divides into organs and they all stand degree over degree, established one atop the other and are all one body, similarly, the world, meaning all creations in the world are many organs standing one atop the other, and they are all one body.”

The Zohar


Ofer Nakash
Ofer Nakash
Ofer is a lecturer and facilitator of the integral approach to correct human integration. The main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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